Definition of protectant in English:



  • A substance that provides protection, e.g. against disease or ultraviolet radiation.

    • ‘After being purified, the moth virus is formulated to contain a sticking agent as well as an ultraviolet protectant to delay its inactivation in sunlight once used in the field.’
    • ‘Older fungicides like wettable sulfur (an organically approved fungicide) are protectants.’
    • ‘Its dry-film protectant repels dust, sand and other crud that sticks to ‘wet’ oils and silicones.’
    • ‘Gray matter burns through a fifth of the body's oxygen, while its natural protectants against oxidative stress, which are imperfect to begin with, only weaken as you get older.’
    • ‘Soluble products of the pathway include pigments, important UV protectants, and phytoalexins, as well as signaling molecules involved in plant pathogen interactions.’
    • ‘Moisture barriers, sometimes called skin protectants, shield the skin from exposure to irritants or moisture.’
    • ‘Grain stocks may be rotated or moved and a grain protectant applied.’
    • ‘This study investigated whether seasonal metabolic changes that produce putative protectants for drought and desiccation such as complex carbohydrates and dehydrins may also be involved in summer dormancy.’
    • ‘We want to wipe off fingerprints or other foreign matter and leave a protectant behind.’
    • ‘Car-care products like cockpit spray, rubber protectant and gloss shampoo concentrate is another area of interest.’
    • ‘Operation of the aeration system will not remove the protectant from the grain.’
    • ‘Group purchasing of carload lots of salt, binder twine, fertilizer and coal in earlier days has given way to sophisticated manufacturing and application of crop protectants, fertilizers, feeds and fuels.’
    • ‘The co-op could not justify the costs of handling fertilizers, crop protectants and other products for its 250 members, a number down sharply from the 1,000 members the co-op counted in its heyday.’
    • ‘Our roses have never been fertilized nor had any bugs or fungus, thus proving the theory that salt spray is a natural protectant.’
    • ‘However, their market share for major farm production supplies - including feed, seed, fertilizer, crop protectants and petroleum - dropped 1 percent from 2000.’
    • ‘Spray protectants are available that resist water, oil and grease as well as providing a UV protection to help reduce fading.’
    • ‘Some of the more common ways a pesticide might function are as a protectant, contact poison, systemic poison and translocated herbicide.’
    • ‘Therapeutic trials include those with proton pump inhibitors, prokinetic agents, mucosal protectants, anticholinergics and low-dose antidepressants.’
    • ‘The behaviour of pigment metabolism mutants is consistent with a similar function for chlorophyll as a protein protectant in vivo.’
    • ‘Grain stocks may be rotated or moved and a grain protectant applied at the time of turning.’