Definition of protandrous in English:



Botany Zoology
  • (of a hermaphrodite flower or animal) having the male reproductive organs come to maturity before the female.

    The opposite of protogynous
    • ‘The flower is protandrous and presents an unusual sophisticated morphology: the pistil has an umbrella shape with the stigma at the angles, tightly enclosed by the bracts, petaloid sepals and petals.’
    • ‘The flowers are protandrous, and larger plants have a lower pollen to ovule ratio than smaller plants, suggesting larger plants invest proportionally more in female function.’
    • ‘Perfect flowers are protandrous, hence the stigmas open after anthesis, which reduces the probability of autogamous self-pollination.’
    • ‘In many protandrous spiders, adult males cohabit with juvenile females nearing sexual maturity, and this may provide an index of expected mate availability for females.’
    • ‘It is a wind-pollinated species, with hermaphroditic protandrous flowers (the first two days as male and three last days as female).’