Definition of prosperous-looking in English:



  • Having the appearance of wealth.

    ‘a prosperous-looking gentleman’
    • ‘Anyone driving through East Lancashire on the M65 can see plenty of prosperous-looking new industrial buildings.’
    • ‘Across the street, at the southwest corner of Spring and Temple, is the prosperous-looking International Savings and Exchange Bank Building.’
    • ‘The prosperous-looking outgoing editor cleared his throat and spoke with feeling about the newspaper whose control he was relinquishing after 16 years.’
    • ‘When I went in to take a look one day, the only customer was a prosperous-looking lady, who perched on the edge of a sofa.’
    • ‘A person renting or buying a piece of property which displays a healthy and prosperous-looking garden is immediately put into a more favorable frame of mind and is willing to pay more for the place.’
    • ‘Bankers knew that prosperous-looking banks inspired depositors to have confidence in their institutions, and to want to take part in the institution's prosperity.’
    • ‘When the first watches appeared, children would stand on the street corner, waiting to ask any prosperous-looking passer-by if he could tell them the time.’
    • ‘At the top, the most conspicuous building was a prosperous-looking tire-repair shop.’
    • ‘The tables were well filled with prosperous-looking diners.’
    • ‘He looks around at a roomful of loudly chatting, cheerfully eating, prosperous-looking folk.’
    well groomed, stylish, wealthy-looking
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