Definition of prosodic in English:



  • See prosody

    • ‘Here he explains the prosodic structure of the poem.’
    • ‘Promising the would-be poet a freedom from formal constraints, the irregular ode, with its lofty manner, prosodic liberty, and intensity of feeling, attracted many writers, most of whom were not equipped for its demands.’
    • ‘In grammar, syntax, and metrical system Japanese shares nothing with English, and if one tries to obey the prosodic principles of Japanese, as some earlier translators did, the result is likely to be both verbose and ludicrous.’
    • ‘To seek to explain certain characteristics and events in a poem, be they linguistic or prosodic, in specific musical terms and procedures is invariably misleading and inconclusive.’
    • ‘The distinction casts light on Coleridge's prosodic jottings in his notebooks, but is not directly germane to the present concern.’