Definition of prosauropod in English:



  • An elongated partly bipedal herbivorous dinosaur of the late Triassic and early Jurassic periods, related to the ancestors of sauropods.

    Infraorder Prosauropoda, suborder Sauropodomorpha, order Saurischia

    • ‘However, they conclude that this is incorrect and that the prosauropods and sauropods diverged early from a common ancestor.’
    • ‘Early relatives of the sauropods, the Late Triassic plateosaurs or prosauropods, may have occasionally stood on their hind legs.’
    • ‘Thus endothermy is very unlikely to have evolved in lineages in which the most recent species are predominantly large, such as prosauropods, sauropods, stegosaurs, nodosaurs, ankylosaurs, and ceratopsids.’
    • ‘The closest relatives of the sauropods, a group of primitive dinosaurs known as prosauropods, extends back to the Late Triassic (about 220 million years ago) implying that the sauropods may also have had a history extending back as far.’
    • ‘Quite possibly, this simple anatomical change was ultimately responsible for the worldwide relative decline of the sauropods and the extinction of the prosauropods by the Late Jurassic.’


1950s: from pro- ‘before in time’ + sauropod.