Definition of propshaft in English:



  • A propeller shaft, especially of a motor vehicle.

    • ‘I soon find small bits of engine, though no sign of the propshaft.’
    • ‘Astern of the engine-room area is a short gap where the ship broke her back, then you reach the propshaft, suspended above the seabed by the remains of the donkey engine.’
    • ‘Even when a propshaft has been salvaged, there are normally strengthened patches on the keel where the bearings would have been mounted.’
    • ‘Used to larger wrecks, I was unsure if this was once the propshaft, which would imply that the submarine was oriented stern towards the shore.’
    • ‘From the engine block the propshaft is clearly visible, and provides a quick route to the stern section, which now lies on its side.’
    • ‘The propshaft protrudes from the keel, but the propeller has been salvaged and, as already noted, the rudder lies on the seabed below.’
    • ‘While at the stern, take a short diversion to view the keel and the two propshafts projecting on either side.’
    • ‘From the stern, the propshaft can be followed forwards.’
    • ‘At the stern the two propshafts, keel and rudder are covered in anemones, fed by the strong current that whips around the end of the wreck when the tide is running.’
    • ‘While at the stern, it is well worth dropping over the side to view the intact propshaft and rudder.’
    • ‘The propshaft had already been broken by the torpedo explosion.’
    • ‘A diversion along the keel reveals the remains of the rudder and propshafts.’
    • ‘Their propshafts are broken in strategic sections and exposed, but the props have long since been salvaged.’
    • ‘A short way down there are some broken sections of the propshaft tunnel, big enough to swim through.’
    • ‘From here towards the stern, the hull is a fairly featureless mound of steel until you get to a section of propshaft poking out from under the plates.’
    • ‘Behind the engine, a square box houses the thrust-bearing connecting the engine to the propshaft, with the remains of another transverse bulkhead above it.’
    • ‘Depending on the type of coach and chassis, they would have narrowly avoided being minced by a propshaft turning at thousands of revolutions a minute or burned by red-hot exhaust pipes.’
    • ‘It's a sorry sight to see two stunted propshafts, encrusted with marine growth, but he films the severed ends anyway.’
    • ‘We follow the propshaft to the stern, biasing our route slightly to starboard where two of the tanks have come to rest, one upside-down and one on its side.’
    • ‘It offers a glimpse of blue sea through the propshaft tunnel, but getting there involves a twisting, winding dive down collapsed walkways and sagging decks.’