Definition of proprioceptor in English:



  • A sensory receptor which receives stimuli from within the body, especially one that responds to position and movement.

    • ‘Free nerve endings, including proprioceptors and nociceptors, have been identified within labral tissue, which may explain decreased proprioception and pain in an athlete with a torn acetabular labrum.’
    • ‘Within the ventral nerve cord, the axon projections of tactile receptors and proprioceptors are strictly separated.’
    • ‘Various types of receptors convey specific types of stimuli, including exteroceptors, interoceptors, proprioceptors, or chemoceptors.’
    • ‘This response is thought to be neurally mediated by impulses originating from the muscle spindles in the exercising muscles, tendons, and proprioceptors in the joints.’
    • ‘The primary mechanoreceptors in the chest are the muscle spindle endings and tendon organs of the respiratory muscles and the joint proprioceptor.’


Early 20th century: from Latin proprius ‘own’ + receptor.