Definition of proprietress in English:



  • A female proprietor.

    • ‘I give the place 9 points out of a possible ten, with a mandatory point deducted when the proprietress failed to address me as ‘hon.’’
    • ‘Perhaps in their younger days the grumpy old men had a talent for fast-paced interviewage, but surely not the knack for tag-team existentialism, and Matthau was never told off by a strict proprietress for climbing on a café counter.’
    • ‘The proprietress Claude, a woman with all the graces, originally from Tours, and her solid bricoleur husband, recommended a lovely place to swim no more than ten kilometers ‘thattaway’.’
    • ‘A film crew was there filming a tongue-in-cheek interview with the proprietress of the place.’
    • ‘He alone among the guests at a country inn does not vie for the affections of the proprietress Mirandolina, thus setting in motion her plan to humble him by seducing him.’
    • ‘Having received directions from the proprietress, Mrs. Marshall, that morning they made their way to Flinders Street Station to find a train which would take them the seven or eight miles to the bayside suburb of Brighton.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll find my pension by happening across its grinning proprietress as she wanders the streets trying to snare lost holidaymakers in the morning.’
    • ‘There she lives under the watchful eye of the proprietress, the geisha house ‘mother’, even stricter than her own mother.’
    • ‘In the village he only seemed to know the proprietress.’
    • ‘I met the proprietress of the establishment on a street as I looked at another pension, and she was all smiles and pigeon English as she led me to a dark alley.’
    • ‘Visitors send $20,000 to the youthful proprietress to help defray her credit card bills.’
    • ‘Also arrested in an operation, codenamed " Fire Balloon " which started last Friday, were a director of a company, a proprietress of an estate agency, six flat owners, and 30 suspected bogus tenants.’
    • ‘There were two customers in the salon when the incident happened shortly before 3.30, but they and the proprietress dashed to safety into the street.’
    • ‘To add to the authenticity, a massive family portrait from 1970s Saigon shows our proprietress at age eight.’
    • ‘The proprietress is intrigued to see someone with a white face - a foreigner.’
    • ‘There is too great a contradiction between the interests of the woman worker and the lady proprietress, between the servant and her mistress…’
    • ‘On the proprietress's recommendation, I complemented the puffer with a plate of fried tofu, which was also very good.’
    • ‘The next morning, the proprietress of the B & B, waggling an admonishing finger as only middle-aged Welsh matrons can, suggested that we should find alternate lodging.’
    • ‘On an errand to the school to deliver a packet of hand-bills advertising the wax-works, Nell meets up with the school proprietress and her teachers and pupils, lined up, books open, about to take their morning walk.’
    • ‘In fact, if the truth were told, his long courtship of Inger was as much a courtship of the business as of its proprietress.’
    property owner, proprietor, lessor, letter, householder, freeholder, landowner, landholder, master
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