Definition of proportionality in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality of corresponding in size or amount to something else.

    ‘the requirement of proportionality of punishment to offence’
    ‘they try to ensure some proportionality between input and output’
    • ‘Proportionality must be maintained and the realistically-achievable goals must outweigh the reasonably foreseeable harm.’
    • ‘She had been persuaded on grounds of proportionality that she should not adjourn the hearing.’
    • ‘You said to the committee that the speaking slots were allocated in terms of proportionality.’
    • ‘Proportionality should be a guideline in war.’
    • ‘If sales growth is lower than inventory growth, inventories are liquidated to once again restore proportionality.’
    • ‘The striking of a fair balance lies at the heart of proportionality.’
    • ‘There must be a reasonable relationship of proportionality between the means employed and the aim sought to be achieved.’
    • ‘Adding enough women's teams to meet proportionality, the committee calculated, would cost $3 million.’
    • ‘Debt would be written off or suspended below a particular benchmark and proportionality would be used above the benchmark.’
    • ‘Wider representation or proportionality is delivered through the Senate.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics The fact of a variable quantity having a constant ratio to another quantity.
      ‘the constant of proportionality between the two curves’
      count noun ‘qualitative proportionalities’
      • ‘Nowadays the constant of proportionality is known as the Hubble constant.’
      • ‘Putting those proportionalities together algebraically allows you deduce a relationship between speed and the number of rowers.’
      • ‘The page states Newton's second law of motion as mass and acceleration having a relationship of inverse proportionality.’
      • ‘The proportionalities can be defined as functions to obtain quantitative measurement systems.’
      • ‘The constant of proportionality was taken to be a universal constant of nature.’