Definition of proneness in English:



mass noun
  • Liability to suffer from or experience something disagreeable; susceptibility.

    ‘his proneness to injury will seriously mar a promising career’
    • ‘During the developmental period between childhood and adulthood, youths with problem-behavior proneness appear to have a predisposition to violate age norms as well as other types of norms.’
    • ‘They claim to expose actual or potential criminal behavior as well as deceitfulness, lack of self-control, violence proneness, and sociopathic tendencies.’
    • ‘For instance, a study by McGee and Newcomb provided consistent findings for problem behavior proneness across four developmental stages from early adolescence to adulthood.’
    • ‘The items include glibness and superficial charm,, grandiose self-worth, pathological lying, proneness to boredom and emotional vacuity.’
    • ‘Emotional vulnerability arises from childhood disturbances, boredom proneness, depression and/or anxiety due to biological and psychosocial deficiencies, and poor coping and problem-solving skills.’
    susceptibility, liability, tendency, inclination, disposition, predisposition, vulnerability, openness, propensity, proclivity
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