Definition of promisor in English:



  • A person who makes a promise.

    • ‘The last few words imply that truth in marriage is all but impossible for its promisors to uphold.’
    • ‘In our submission, anything short of that is not a satisfactory discharge of the obligations of the promisor to give a right of first refusal.’
    • ‘Enforcement reliance is reliance accompanied by a manifested intention by the promisor to be legally bound, or what Barnett has previously called consent.’
    • ‘It is not difficult to envisage that the promisee may incur a factual detriment and the promisor a factual benefit meaning that enforcement of the bargain would sensibly acknowledge commercial reality.’
    • ‘This it does either by specifically compelling the promisor to perform or by awarding the promisee damages to put him in as good a position as if the promise had been kept.’