Definition of Promised Land in English:

Promised Land


  • 1(in the Bible) the land of Canaan, that was promised to Abraham and his descendants (Gen. 12:7).

    1. 1.1the promised land A place or situation in which someone expects to find great happiness.
      ‘Italy is the promised land for any musician’
      • ‘A draw in Dublin and a loss in Switzerland was not enough and yet again we have missed out on the promised land of the major championships.’
      • ‘It was for this reason that an assembly of fourteen young people left the village on their journey to the promised land of America.’
      • ‘I don't think they're 100 percent sure he can take them to the promised land yet.’
      • ‘A dozen turtles crawl across the road only to find out the promised land is all dried up due to a clogged storm drain’
      • ‘Ever since then, apparently, the British have been marching away from the promised land.’
      • ‘Of course, many Americans could not reach the promised land because they were not welcome in higher education.’
      • ‘They have crossed the border and made it into the promised land, but the promise is already about to be broken.’
      • ‘Surfers have long regarded Chile as the promised land of undiscovered mackers.’
      • ‘The irony is acute: while many young locals flee the Highlands, many southerners see the area as the promised land.’
      • ‘Liverpool want to wipe away the misery of their failure a year ago to reach the promised land of the Champions League.’
      • ‘Eves credits his party with delivering Ontario from debt and unemployment to the promised land of productivity and job creation.’
      • ‘What is surprising is that some people are shocked that after a mere two years we haven't stumbled across the promised land yet.’
      • ‘Let's hope that the euro leads to the promised land of increased trade, travel and investment.’
      • ‘A week later, it turns out, there are no marigolds in the promised land.’
      • ‘For the winners it is a small step closer to the promised land, and for the vanquished its a step in the other direction.’
      • ‘At this rate, he may lead his company to the promised land.’
      • ‘For foreign automakers, China has long been the promised land.’
      • ‘I would have liked to have walked with my people to the promised land.’
      • ‘I was brought up since childhood to think that this was the promised land.’
      • ‘Let us not fool ourselves into thinking we are merely one referendum away from the promised land.’


Promised Land