Definition of prominently in English:



  • 1With an important role; to a large extent.

    ‘the actor is to figure prominently in the marketing campaign’
    ‘his wife was prominently involved in local politics’
    • ‘He was also prominently associated with the football club.’
    • ‘This sort of folk music is prominently used in the two films.’
    • ‘She figures prominently in many of his most inspired works.’
    • ‘Canines feature prominently in all three stories.’
    • ‘Dogs figured prominently in her life.’
    • ‘Both books very prominently feature women.’
    • ‘He is not prominently involved in foreign, intelligence or military issues.’
    • ‘I was particularly struck by the lighting effects that appear prominently throughout.’
    • ‘The movie shows three of the nine escape attempts, most prominently the escape by boat.’
    • ‘Convenience foods and beverages feature more prominently in our diet every year.’
  • 2In a manner that projects or protrudes from something.

    ‘because of their height, the towers stand out prominently’
    ‘he left his comb protruding prominently from a pile of objects’
    • ‘At six feet two, his long, straight figure stands out prominently in the old battalion photographs.’
    • ‘The table is set up before a net draped window, with red candles prominently visible.’
    • ‘The famous tourist spot stands prominently against the skyline.’
    • ‘One of the brothers stands prominently at the back of the hall holding a mobile phone.’
    • ‘Resident males signal their territories by perching prominently with head raised.’
    • ‘Sitting prominently atop a hill overlooking the city, the castle complex was brilliantly floodlit.’
    • ‘Its large, crescent-shaped eyes stand prominently atop the cheeks.’
    • ‘Because of their height, the towers stand out prominently.’
    • ‘Located near the Railway Station, this famous tourist spot stands prominently against the skyline.’
    • ‘His eyes invariably wandered to a vast stone building that sat prominently atop a hill.’
  • 3So as to catch the attention; conspicuously.

    ‘posters were prominently displayed in the hall’
    ‘Paxton's name appears prominently above the title’
    • ‘The largest portrait, placed prominently in the center of one wall, is a framed image of the artist's father.’
    • ‘Though smallest of the three, the reception pavilion is the most prominently placed.’
    • ‘All the pieces prominently display the royal crown.’
    • ‘Signature and date appear prominently at the lower left, inside the inky border.’
    • ‘Donors will be prominently credited.’
    • ‘The mural was prominently located in the lobby.’
    • ‘This advertisement was running prominently in the newspaper each day in May.’
    • ‘Exit maps are posted prominently in each building corridor.’
    • ‘A couple large frescoes are hanging prominently, in full view.’
    • ‘Te large display room is prominently located at the end of the building.’