Definition of Prolog in English:



mass nounComputing
  • A high-level computer programming language first devised for artificial intelligence applications.

    • ‘When we were using Prolog, each of our projects had its own server and network.’
    • ‘If you're an intermediate at make or SQL or have touched Lisp, Scheme or Prolog, you should be able to grasp how the template system works.’
    • ‘If you want to look into it further, try reading the Wikipedia (free on-line encyclopedia) entry and maybe downloading something like Prolog to have a go and see what real AI is like.’
    • ‘Building a complete model, and inspecting its simulation results, often requires programming skills in Lisp or Prolog.’
    • ‘Specialized domain specific languages like Prolog and ML (functional programming) fail terribly in this regard.’


1970s: from the first elements of programming and logic.