Definition of prolifically in English:



  • See prolific

    • ‘He eventually accepted the post of Senior Lecturer in Photography at Exeter College of Art but continued to paint prolifically, until recently.’
    • ‘In aromatherapy, many essential oils often used as anti-depressants, such as jasmine, rose, neroli, rosemary and lavender, are extracted from plants that flower most prolifically in spring and summer.’
    • ‘There is quite a bit of maintenance, as everyone knows we shed hair prolifically and when wearing extensions the real hair cannot escape, as it's attached to the extension.’
    • ‘He really came into his own in the 1950s and '60s, when he started writing and speaking prolifically in the US and elsewhere on the subjects that were so much a part of his life.’
    • ‘As someone who rails prolifically against the irrelevance of political science to actual politics, I would have been glad to talk about whether blogging may help make scholarship more relevant.’