Definition of prolate in English:



  • (of a spheroid) lengthened in the direction of a polar diameter.

    Often contrasted with oblate
    • ‘The equations were further confirmed by observing the shape of the earth to be oblate spheroidal, as Newton claimed it should be, rather than prolate spheroidal, as claimed by the Cartesians.’
    • ‘Hydrodynamic and small angle x-ray scattering measurements show that plant MSP has an extended, prolate ellipsoid shape in solution.’
    • ‘This ratio suggests that the enzyme-inhibitor complex can be described as prolate ellipsoid, for reasons discussed before.’
    • ‘Its shape resembles that of a prolate ellipsoid.’
    • ‘The corresponding axial ratios were 1.14 for a prolate ellipsoid and 1.16 for an oblate ellipsoid.’


Late 17th century: from Latin prolatus ‘carried forward’, past participle of proferre ‘prolong’, from pro- ‘forward’ + ferre ‘carry’.