Definition of prolapsed disc in English:

prolapsed disc

(also prolapsed intervertebral disc)


  • another term for slipped disc
    • ‘In one highlighted case, a woman's operation for a prolapsed disc was funded by a NHS trust, but carried out at a private hospital under an arrangement to cut waiting lists.’
    • ‘Long-term pressure on the lower back can lead to slipped or prolapsed discs, injuries that British drivers are becoming increasingly susceptible to.’
    • ‘A Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan revealed a prolapsed disc pressing on the sciatic nerve.’
    • ‘Julia, of York, who was looking forward to her first time as prima donna at the Theatre Royal, said she had been left immobile and frustrated after suffering a prolapsed disc.’
    • ‘Overall, 1% of people presenting with back pain in primary care have a neoplasm, 4% have compression fractures, and 1-3% have a prolapsed disc.’
    • ‘I suffer from two prolapsed discs and a prominent burr on my spine.’
    • ‘Montgomerie, seven times European number one, was diagnosed as having four prolapsed discs leaking fluid in his back earlier this year and, at one point, thought he might need surgery.’
    • ‘A herniated, slipped, or prolapsed disc causes this syndrome.’