Definition of proke in English:


(also prooke, prook, prowk)


Midlands, Welsh English, North, Scottish, Irish English, English Regional
  • 1with object To make a thrust at; to poke. Formerly also: †to goad, stir, incite, provoke (a person) to do something (obsolete).

  • 2no object To make a thrust (at something); to make a poking movement; to root about.


Middle English; earliest use found in Hali Meidenhad: an alliterative homily. Origin uncertain. Compare German regional (Low German) proken to prod, poke, scratch, scrawl, and also Middle Low German prȫkeln (variant of prēkelen to prick, pierce, to incite; German regional (Low German: East Friesland) prökeln; perhaps compare 20th-cent. Scots prokel, apparently a frequentative formation from the present word). Compare also Middle Low German prēkel, German regional (Low German: East Friesland) prökel prickle, pointed instrument. The further origin of all of these words is uncertain: the form and sense suggest a relationship with prick, poke, or prog.