Definition of projective geometry in English:

projective geometry


mass noun
  • The study of the projective properties of geometric figures.

    • ‘This impressive work extended apolarity theory as introduced by Reye to projective geometry in several dimensions using the theory of rational curves.’
    • ‘Servois worked in projective geometry, functional equations and complex numbers.’
    • ‘After graduating, he continued working for his doctorate at Trinity on projective geometry.’
    • ‘Pappus of Alexandria is the last of the great Greek geometers and one of his theorems is cited as the basis of modern projective geometry.’
    • ‘He began a teaching career in 1870 in a secondary school in Milan, then two years later he went to the University of Rome to teach descriptive and projective geometry.’
    • ‘It contained a number of projective geometry theorems, including Pascal's mystic hexagon.’
    • ‘This treatise represented a major step forward in understanding the geometry of perspective and it was a major contribution towards the development of projective geometry.’
    • ‘During his imprisonment he studied projective geometry.’
    • ‘Under their direction he laid the basis for the important work he was later to achieve in the fields of foundations of geometry, projective geometry, topology, differential invariants and spinors.’
    • ‘One could certainly consider this work as laying the foundations for the theory of descriptive and projective geometry.’
    • ‘His work in geometry included a study of conics, quadrics and projective geometry.’
    • ‘He was one of the greatest contributors to projective geometry.’
    • ‘He united projective geometry and metrical geometry which is dependent on sizes of angles and lengths of lines.’
    • ‘His most important work was on differential projective geometry where he used the absolute differential calculus.’
    • ‘He made substantial contributions to projective geometry and wrote an important book on the topic.’
    • ‘Enriques was appointed to the University of Bologna where he taught projective geometry and descriptive geometry.’
    • ‘This latter book develops the subject of projective geometry without using the concept of distance and it bases projective geometry on a minimal set of axioms.’
    • ‘In Catania he taught projective geometry and descriptive geometry.’
    • ‘His time for research was now limited but he still made important contributions undertaking research on infinitesimal geometry, projective geometry and the differential geometry of curves and surfaces.’
    • ‘He was promoted a number of times, to extraordinary professor in differential geometry, then extraordinary professor in projective geometry, then of analytic geometry.’