Definition of project manager in English:

project manager


  • The person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.

    • ‘There is no mention of an architect or a project manager here, therefore there may be no contract.’
    • ‘The project manager is specifically employed to act in the interests of the employer.’
    • ‘They do not confer upon the project manager a broad discretion, similar to that given to certifiers by conventional construction contracts.’
    • ‘The ultimate responsibility for the modernization of each weapon system resides, of course, with the respective platform project manager.’
    • ‘You lashed out at your project manager, which was completely out of line.’
    • ‘I went from salesperson to project manager to media buyer to trade-show coordinator, with a different job every month.’
    • ‘The project managers have already confirmed that any change to the project plan would lead to legal difficulties under the EU public procurement regulations.’
    • ‘By taking a hard look at individual project components, project managers can zero in on more cost-effective alternatives.’
    • ‘Senior company leaders should designate a project manager who will be responsible for its execution.’
    • ‘That is something which is also to be expected of project managers.’
    • ‘Project managers on classified, compartmentalized projects have an especially difficult job integrating security into their projects.’
    • ‘The farmer is usually more of a project manager, overseeing the operations of a vast machine.’
    • ‘The project managers, dressed in appropriate safety attire, walk down the brick-lined tunnel from the Sterling Memorial Library to the Cross Campus Library.’
    • ‘The project managers have come up with an interesting way of making sure information about how to handle the waste is left for future generations.’
    • ‘My partner suggested a management team award for the best project manager in the lab.’
    • ‘At the University, most projects have been left to individual project managers who have to develop their own approach to doing the project.’
    • ‘No, it was a debt owed to a company by its project manager.’
    • ‘The ensure active control over the project, the project manager must exercise these steps.’
    • ‘Apparently the project managers had a fine time trying to explain to Bulgarian customs officials why they were importing sand from Western Europe.’
    • ‘The other project managers also did good work, they said.’


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