Definition of programma in English:



  • 1Classical History, and formerly in some universities. A written notice, proclamation, or edict, especially one posted up in a public place; a public notice.

  • 2A public notice relating to a function or celebration about to take place, with a list of the proceedings in order; (hence) a prospectus, agenda, programme. Now historical.


Mid 17th century; earliest use found in Barten Holyday (1593–1661), Church of England clergyman and poet. From post-classical Latin programma proclamation, edict (3rd cent.), (plural) observations, preface, introduction, (plural) prolegomena from ancient Greek πρόγραμμα order of the day, agenda, in Hellenistic Greek also public written notice, proclamation, edict from προ- + γράμμα letter, after προγράϕειν to write publicly.