Definition of prognostically in English:



  • See prognostic

    • ‘While there are many articles suggesting that individual biological or genetic markers are prognostically significant, no large series with multivariate analysis proves such markers have independent prognostic relevance.’
    • ‘The position in the United Kingdom is uncertain, but a recent study identified that 6% of patients who were discharged from an emergency department had prognostically significant myocardial damage.’
    • ‘Methods for large-scale molecular profiling of diseased tissues are well established with proven efficacy both diagnostically and prognostically.’
    • ‘However, until some of the concerns regarding bias and small sample sizes are addressed, the ability to use these scales prognostically in individual patients should be avoided.’
    • ‘They used a previously validated risk score for heart failure (which also works well prognostically in their patients) and showed that transplantation improved survival only in the patients at highest risk of death from heart failure.’