Definition of profusely in English:



  • To a great degree; in large amounts.

    ‘the book is profusely illustrated with period photos’
    ‘a man bleeding profusely from a head wound’
    as submodifier ‘the waiter was profusely apologetic’
    • ‘He lectured profusely with great passion and boundless energy.’
    • ‘The book is profusely illustrated with beautiful line drawings.’
    • ‘He wrote profusely in practically every genre.’
    • ‘I continued to read and write profusely and received my first literary prize in 1990.’
    • ‘The exhibition catalogue is a profusely illustrated volume.’
    • ‘I apologized profusely for hanging up on her.’
    • ‘He was gritting his teeth in pain and sweating profusely.’
    • ‘The waitress apologised profusely and brought me a fresh drink.’
    • ‘She thanks him profusely and proceeds to the house.’
    • ‘His nose is bleeding profusely.’