Definition of profligacy in English:



mass noun
  • 1Reckless extravagance or wastefulness in the use of resources.

    ‘the government returned to fiscal profligacy’
    count noun ‘his financial prudence corrected the profligacies of Nero’
    • ‘The investors demanded that the profligacy stop.’
    • ‘Most of us know people who misuse their credit cards through holiday spending sprees or random acts of profligacy.’
    • ‘Years of profligacy under the previous regime condemned them to their debt.’
    • ‘The late goal was painful punishment for their profligacy.’
    • ‘Locals are stunned by the profligacy as deadlines are passed and the budget overruns by millions of dollars.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the country is paying an onerous price for its profligacy.’
    • ‘The introduction of some form of private finance initiative would eradicate much of the profligacy within the industry.’
    • ‘Offering credit cards to students would have been considered an unthinkable act of profligacy on behalf of the banks a decade earlier.’
    • ‘The domestic public debt is not the product of state profligacy.’
    • ‘The country needs to borrow to pay for this profligacy.’
  • 2Licentious or dissolute behaviour.

    ‘the emperor's sexual profligacy’
    ‘an era of extreme decadence and profligacy’
    • ‘This show conveyed the haunted profligacy of the artist and his work.’
    • ‘It isn't just sexual profligacy that will land you in trouble.’
    • ‘Her youthfulness, liberalism, drug taking and sexual profligacy made her an easy target.’
    • ‘It has a serious problem with young people's sexual profligacy.’
    • ‘The shameless profligacy of the emperor's life was such as to shock even a jaded Roman public.’