Definition of profitless in English:



  • Without benefit or advantage; pointless.

    ‘a long and profitless public row’
    • ‘Much of this lending, certainly, has been to finance profitless and negative cash flow companies, many having lost their access to the capital market.’
    • ‘It achieves that purpose by increasing the general penalties and creating a new penalty system for pyramid selling schemes that is designed to render those schemes profitless.’
    • ‘As was amply demonstrated during the dotcom boom, many people bought shares in profitless, no-hope companies purely because the shares had risen substantially beforehand.’
    • ‘Death and evil have always been a problem for religion and philosophy, and their contemplation remains a profitless exercise unless we accept them as inevitable facts of human existence.’
    • ‘The cycle of hopeful experiment followed by complete failure went on in profitless repetition.’
    • ‘‘I know what I'll do,’ he muttered after a few minutes of profitless seething.’
    • ‘Evidently they hadn't heard what happened to all those profitless Internet companies of the 1990s.’
    • ‘Yet none was used, largely because their use would have been profitless.’
    • ‘They're never going to be anything more than a profitless, subsidised, medieval craft collective.’
    • ‘Unless the claimant is seeking an injunction it is a profitless exercise to sue a man of straw since, no matter how strong his case, the remedy will be empty and the claimant left to meet his own legal costs.’
    • ‘As far as foreign investors are concerned, China has become a land of profitless prosperity.’
    • ‘Health care organizations are looking for ways to end profitless growth, a situation in which beds are full and resources appear to be fully used but profits remain stagnant.’
    • ‘The problem is that young people regard carving as a toilsome and profitless job.’
    • ‘In some cases it might involve an artificial and ultimately profitless debate in ascertaining whether a given factor does or does not fall within one or other of those descriptions.’
    • ‘‘We have been through a period of profitless prosperity with firms not making as much money as in previous economic upswings,’ he said.’
    • ‘Flipping sketches of property for profits sounds an awful lot like buying the worthless paper of profitless Internet companies in the late 90s, does it not?’
    • ‘‘We were enjoying profitless prosperity,’ he says.’
    • ‘However, if you find your fund is stuffed full of profitless, indebted firms busy selling off their assets, then further trouble could be looming.’
    • ‘Several of them, like many others, became self-employed in raising shrimps and crabs, but excessive rain this year made this totally profitless.’
    • ‘If businesses became profitless, he said, entrepreneurs could not pay the salaries of employees and would not survive long.’
    pointless, useless, to no purpose, no use, of no use, unprofitable, futile, vain, in vain, to no avail, to no effect, fruitless, senseless, unproductive, purposeless, idle, worthless, valueless, ineffective, unavailing, unrewarding, thankless
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