Definition of profit-sharing in English:



mass noun
  • A system in which the people who work for a company receive a direct share of the profits.

    as modifier ‘a profit-sharing scheme’
    • ‘Approved profit-sharing schemes are too restrictive, although they can provide up to £10,000 tax free income per year to employees, part of whose income is held in a trust and invested in the employer company shares.’
    • ‘Later, of course, the email chain clattered about whether the expense would affect the thrice-yearly profit-sharing bonus.’
    • ‘Employees must average two ideas per week to qualify for quarterly profit-sharing bonuses.’
    • ‘They invest in scads of training, use worker-involvement schemes to keep productivity high, and motivate employees with profit-sharing and pay-for-performance bonuses.’
    • ‘Worker committees run the manufacturing plants and profit-sharing schemes are available to all staff members.’
    • ‘Aside from share option and profit-sharing schemes, employees with the best attendance records are awarded one of eight limited edition Ford Explorer vehicles as part of a twice-yearly global scheme.’
    • ‘Fringe benefits may also include a company car, subsidized housing, and profit-sharing.’
    • ‘Companies began passing out profit-sharing checks and stock options, not just to top executives but all the way down the line, and soon there were tales circulating of millionaires in the making.’
    • ‘This casts doubt on the view that organization-wide gain-sharing or profit-sharing programs as well as group-level reward programs are especially relevant in quality-driven organizations.’
    • ‘The numerous piece-rate and profit-sharing schemes did not work as planned.’
    • ‘She set higher financial goals, replaced profit-sharing with bonus plans based partly on market share, and drove top-down mandates so HP wouldn't be left behind by nimbler rivals.’
    • ‘The two founders retained ownership of the firm but distributed a high proportion of earnings to staff by way of profit-sharing schemes.’
    • ‘The tribunal's decision may have an impact on profit-sharing schemes across the Irish financial sector.’
    • ‘The tax deduction limits on employer contributions to profit-sharing plans will increase up to 25 percent of total employee compensation.’
    • ‘They also take small stakes in some ventures and cut potentially lucrative profit-sharing deals.’
    • ‘There are many tax advantages to having a corporation, including pension and profit-sharing options.’
    • ‘In this I include profit-sharing schemes in suitable industries and intimate consultation between employers and wage-earners.’
    • ‘Unlike the quarterly cash payouts of the typical profit-sharing plan, contributions to qualified plans are not counted as profit and are thus exempt from taxes.’
    • ‘Acting as a powerful retention tool, this profit-sharing business model is highly motivational.’
    • ‘She scrapped HP's cushy profit-sharing plan in favor of bonuses tied to company performance.’