Definition of profit-making in English:



  • Making or intended to make a profit.

    ‘I am realistic enough to appreciate that utility companies are profit-making organizations’
    ‘the challenge is to produce a profit-making drug’
    • ‘After being a thorn in the music industry's side for years, Napster is now siding with the profit-making crowd.’
    • ‘In capitalist systems an individual views a business basically as a profit-making organization producing goods and services in response to market demand.’
    • ‘Railways were seen almost from the first primarily as agents of colonial development, rather than profit-making businesses.’
    • ‘Even in the profit-making world of business, reports sometimes are written to please the top brass, not deal with real consumer preferences.’
    • ‘Trusts are not profit-making institutions.’
    • ‘We're not a nationalized industry - we're a profit-making business just like any other company.’
    • ‘The government could simply tell its bureau to act as if it were a profit-making enterprise and to establish itself in the same way as a private business.’
    • ‘Banks, like all other profit-making businesses, will be driven by a desire to maximise income within the business environment that they operate in.’
    • ‘I have participated in the industry in both profit-making and non-profit-making projects.’