Definition of profiler in English:



  • 1A person who records and analyses someone's psychological and behavioural characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities or to assist in identifying categories of people.

    ‘psychological profilers are being used to help officers build a picture of the attacker’
    ‘certain men have been targeted by our profilers and asked to provide DNA samples’
    • ‘He is an FBI profiler working on a murder case.’
    • ‘As professional profiler, Max suspects that the mastermind is a frustrated academic.’
    • ‘Data miners and consumer profilers are able to produce detailed pictures of the tastes and habits of increasing numbers of consumers.’
    • ‘As a criminal profiler it was dangerous and it wasn't pleasant, but she loved it.’
    • ‘He is a psychological profiler.’
    • ‘As a profiler, I'm interested in the reduction of crime and victims in all parts of the world.’
    • ‘You have been a profiler for years with the FBI.’
    • ‘As a profiler, most of her work was conducted in the office, not the field.’
    • ‘They clearly have talked to the FBI profilers.’
    • ‘The investigating team were by now receiving advice from a geographic profiler.’
  • 2An instrument or device for making scientific measurements, for example of the atmosphere or physical features.

    ‘a wind profiler for winds in the upper atmosphere’
    ‘pavement roughness may be measured by laser profilers’
    • ‘The sub-bottom profiler emits sound pulses that bounce back from objects deep in the ocean floor.’
    • ‘Thirteen lasers are usually fitted to a multi-laser profiler.’
    • ‘The measurement of roughness is not limited to laser profilers.’
    • ‘Choosing the correct digitization for a beam profiler depends on the application.’
    • ‘The laser profiler is a more accurate and versatile instrument.’
    • ‘Today's laser profilers measure not only roughness but also rutting and texture.’
    • ‘Turbulence was investigated using a portable flux profiler.’
    • ‘The measurements were obtained by using the multi-laser profiler.’
    • ‘When I run the system profiler they are both recognized correctly.’
    • ‘Most laser profilers produce an independent roughness statistic for each wheel path.’