Definition of professionalization in English:


(British professionalisation)


  • See professionalize

    • ‘For a few years now, I've been freaked out by the professionalization of childhood - the idea that every single moment of a kid's life needs to be as co-ordinated as a military campaign.’
    • ‘The fact that the discourse over the euro vote was especially harsh, with increased negative campaigning, can be attributed to the professionalization of politics.’
    • ‘Changing times and professionalization seasoned the relationship between press and state with much-needed antagonism.’
    • ‘Federalization and professionalization go hand-in-glove.’
    • ‘In exchange for their professionalization they've got to be willing to open this up and to open themselves up to charter schools and other ideas, more competitive ideas in the schools.’
    • ‘Their careers span a watershed in the professionalization of photography, as the ‘outsider’ art was brought indoors.’
    • ‘Perhaps the interlocking pressures of professionalization and publication encourage or force a strategic multifaceted investment in many different styles of writing.’