Definition of production platform in English:

production platform


  • A platform which houses equipment necessary to keep an oil or gas field in production, with facilities for temporarily storing the output of several wells.

    • ‘At present, oil operators have to pump the well fluid from a sub-sea reservoir to a production platform, where the mixture is separated into oil and water.’
    • ‘The accident happened as the aircraft was flying between the gas production platform Clipper and the drilling rig Global Santa Fe Monarch.’
    • ‘Because the Lochnagar discovery is in 1,000 metres of water, the easiest way to extract the oil will be through a floating production platform.’
    • ‘The construction of the three parts of the production platform is advanced, and pre-development wells are being drilled in August.’
    • ‘For the first time in North America, workers aboard an offshore production platform have voted to join a union.’