Definition of production number in English:

production number


  • A spectacular musical item, typically including song and dance and involving all or most of the cast, in a theatrical show or film.

    • ‘Neither the song nor the production number have much to offer, unless you're dying to see Mitzi Gaynor get tattooed.’
    • ‘There is always a big production number (usually featuring Hill and the Ladybirds) and a few other minor musical moments (referred to as Benny's Ballads).’
    • ‘Without making a production number out of her actions, she strode up to Brighteyes' booth, sat down across from him, and pulled out a cigar the size of an armadillo.’
    • ‘The dance production number takes all the worst qualities of the show and bloats them - the vapidity, the overlongness, the gaudy tackiness.’
    • ‘Aside from the excessive talk, the other shortcoming of the last half of Top Hat is the big production number, ‘The Piccolino.’’
    • ‘Check out the two women from Atlanta as they make a production number out of rolling joints.’
    • ‘Jackman energetically led the entire ensemble in a massive production number complete with shimmies, kicks, and conga chains, and, of course, maracas.’
    • ‘In general, each number gets staging similar to a production number in a musical, complete with all of the extravagances of spectacle except Technicolor.’
    • ‘Where, for example, were African Americans cheerfully doing the cake-walk (a major production number in this ballet) in 1946, for example?’
    • ‘Whilst some tracks are more of a production number than others, Sweet Misery especially, for the most part this is an album which revolves around a single guitar and a single voice.’
    • ‘The Groovie Ghoulies are the perfect choice for the centerpiece ‘Time Warp,’ which retreats back to being a song as opposed to a production number.’
    • ‘But sure enough, there she was launching into a production number which just seemed too big for Studio Two at BBC Shepherd's Bush.’
    • ‘The songs are wonderful, in particular a lavish production number about ‘hanging the bastard.’’
    • ‘All the world has seen tragedy; we make a production number of it.’
    • ‘The first ten minutes represent the movie's pinnacle - a cameo-rich sequence that starts out as a parody of a spoof before turning into a surreal musical production number.’
    • ‘They decided on Les and Cilla's wedding, which will be no less a high production number.’
    • ‘Next, the musical moves into its biggest production number, which features both Congress and the president, as the stage is set for Enron's collapse.’
    • ‘It opens with a large-scale production number wherein the staff of the British embassy in Dublin, led by John Betjeman, sing a song called ‘Please, Don't Patronise the Irish’.’
    • ‘The spelling bee craze meets much mockery in this increasingly absurd parody by Phil Dornfeld, climaxing with a fungus-inspired production number.’
    • ‘Maybe it's the tabloid-inspired production number that seems to go on for 10 minutes (sadly, it's actually more like 15).’


production number