Definition of production in English:



  • 1The action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured:

    ‘banning the production of chemical weapons’
    ‘the car is no longer in production’
    • ‘This is the process of moving a product from raw material, to production, to delivery, to paid invoice.’
    • ‘There were drops in the prices of all stocks of companies whose raw materials or production costs are excise-sensitive.’
    • ‘Opel has been behind the trend to outsource component production.’
    • ‘An important programme for the export of basic components for medicine production has been introduced.’
    • ‘They became importers of components and machinery for production as well as exporters.’
    • ‘Vulnerabilities can also be the result of an oversight in software production by the manufacturer.’
    • ‘After that, factory production dominated manufacturing, and most people moved to cities.’
    • ‘It also expects to outsource production to other manufacturers.’
    • ‘The biggest stockpiles are held by chip manufacturers who upped production on the back of the high demand experienced in the first half of 2004.’
    • ‘It's basically the story of how, during the course of the war, he converted his toy manufacturing to weapons production.’
    • ‘News this week that U.S. manufacturers increased production in August for the first time in nine months is encouraging.’
    • ‘While manufacturing production is slowing, service sector activity has remained buoyant.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, gun manufacturers ramped up production and cut prices by half in the World War I era.’
    • ‘Imports of a wide array of consumer goods will grow as more Japanese manufacturers shift production to China.’
    • ‘An emission permit is a right to consume carbon and emit carbon dioxide in the course of production or manufacturing.’
    • ‘This particular Toby Jug is one of a huge range done by Royal Doulton, and it was introduced in 1975 and has been in production ever since.’
    • ‘Manufacturers are stepping up production to keep pace with increasing exports to China and the US.’
    • ‘Demand for the single jab has dropped around the world as a result of the high uptake of the triple vaccine, leading manufacturers to stop production.’
    • ‘Costs are a function of tile size and the manufacturer's production volume and processes.’
    • ‘This tends to be accompanied by rising inventories and followed by reduced manufacturing production.’
    manufacture, manufacturing, making, producing, construction, building, fabrication, assembly, creation
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    1. 1.1 The harvesting or refinement of something natural:
      ‘non-intensive methods of food production’
      • ‘Palm oil production, fish, and now black gold and natural gas are major resources, as is education.’
      • ‘The Waitrose Centre will take forward the need to refine food production in harmony with the environment.’
      • ‘Sweet potato ranks as the seventh largest food crop in world production.’
      • ‘Crude oil is extracted, and production of natural gas is increasing.’
      • ‘This produces significant demands on food and crop production, and most good quality land is already in use.’
      • ‘Like natural gas, oil production in the United States has been dropping since 1972.’
      • ‘A decline in yield from spring to harvest means production declines from its expected level.’
      • ‘The most profitable industries in Qatar are oil and natural gas production.’
      • ‘The company provides equipment and services used in the drilling and production of oil and natural gas wells.’
      • ‘Home heating bills could soar this winter if natural gas production is significantly reduced.’
      • ‘To finance such work, the republic is allowed to keep the revenues from its oil production around Grozny.’
      • ‘Natural gas production and pipelines were the only businesses posting smaller profits.’
      • ‘He declared that there should be no talk of abandoning profitable food production unless we were absolutely clear as to what could be put in its place.’
      • ‘They focus mainly on oil and natural gas production, making them highly sensitive to price fluctuations.’
      • ‘The Fisheries Department has its own methods of controlling fish production / harvest and sale.’
      • ‘Their production of crude oil and natural gas began in 1969, greatly reducing Australia's dependence on imported oil.’
      • ‘Her complaints are ones we hear repeated through the day - poor food production, diseased crops, and lack of fertility in the soil.’
      • ‘This method of food production is one of the bright lights in agriculture today.’
      • ‘The ramifications of a holistic approach to crop growing and food production in Brazil would be disastrous.’
      • ‘The three countries account for almost 80 percent of the world's natural rubber production.’
    2. 1.2 The total amount of something that is produced:
      ‘steel production had peaked in 1974’
      • ‘Of the total mango production in the country, the State's share is 7.74 per cent.’
      • ‘Last year the total production of Scottish salmon was 120,000 tonnes.’
      • ‘Total production of the powerplant could be as high as 1.5 million units worldwide.’
      • ‘That figure is just short of Thailand's total production last year from all automakers here.’
      • ‘These wines constitute 18 per cent of the total production of quality wines.’
      • ‘For the first time in history the country's total production has fallen for four years in a row.’
      • ‘This is the first time in more than 20 years that total production fell below the three million mark.’
      • ‘China, the world's largest coal producer, consumes 31 percent of total global coal production.’
      • ‘Total worldwide production of wafers this year amounts to 57 million wafers.’
      • ‘There is likely to be a leveling off in total U.S. production in years to come.’
      • ‘The total production for the entire lode amounted to 1,080,628,993 pounds of copper.’
      • ‘Lathe plotted the actual and relative growth of the trees by year against total nickel production in Canada.’
      • ‘Last year, it stamped out 7.3 billion pennies, more than half of its total coin production.’
      • ‘Last year China produced 1.03 billion tonnes of coal or one third of the total world production.’
      • ‘Knoc has ambitions to expand production from its current total of 19 projects in 14 countries.’
      • ‘The steel production capacity will rise to some two million tons a year, compared to the current 1.2 million tons.’
      • ‘Much of the surface gold was worked out within five years, and production peaked in 1900.’
      • ‘There has been very little change in recent years in the total amount of lead production or in the percentage of recycled lead.’
      • ‘About half of that total production of sugar in this country comes from sugar beets, and the other half from cane sugar.’
      • ‘Its annual steel production is 2.6 million tons increasing in 1975 to 4.1 million tons.’
      output, yield, fruits
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    3. 1.3 The creation of something as part of a physical, biological, or chemical process:
      ‘excess production of collagen by the liver’
      • ‘Vitamin C is also an important nutrient for collagen production and provides immune system support.’
      • ‘Both have the effect of reducing the natural production of testosterone and other androgens.’
      • ‘The complete series of events from zygote formation to gamete production constitutes the plant life cycle.’
      • ‘In healthy muscles, there is a continual process of muscle protein production and breakdown.’
      • ‘The body decreases metabolic rate, thereby lowering metabolic heat production in the body core.’
      • ‘Kernel growth is supported by cell production through mitotic cell divisions.’
      • ‘Medications also may be necessary to correct excess or deficient hormone production.’
      • ‘Decreased production of natural oils may make your skin drier and more wrinkled.’
      • ‘Heartburn is all about excess production of acid, which has left the confines of your stomach and ventured northwards up your oesophagus.’
      • ‘They also shift metabolism toward fat production and appear dark when viewed with a dissecting microscope.’
      • ‘The thyroid gland regulates several hormones and drops production dramatically after birth.’
      • ‘Most of the excess cell production is taken up by the asexual budding of new Hydra from the body column.’
      • ‘Cushing's syndrome arises from excess production of cortisol and has a high mortality if left untreated.’
      • ‘At menopause, the body's own natural production of estrogen drops sharply.’
      • ‘Several things can interfere with the body's natural production of melatonin.’
      • ‘However, the body then finds it hard to re-regulate production of the chemicals once the drug has been suspended.’
      • ‘The only option left will be products that raise the body's own natural testosterone production.’
      • ‘This process terminates in the production of asexual spores, the uninucleate conidia.’
      • ‘They also stimulate production of collagen and may enhance the action of antioxidants.’
      • ‘The difficulty of detecting Repoxygen is that it turns on the body's natural production of red blood cells which transport oxygen around the body.’
    4. 1.4[as modifier] Denoting a car or other vehicle which has been manufactured in large numbers, as opposed to a prototype or other special version:
      ‘a production model’
      • ‘The two sports saloons now made by the firm are probably the world's most powerful production cars.’
      • ‘The following year, the production version was shown at the 2002 Los Angeles Auto Show.’
      • ‘They did intimate, however, that the production car would look little different from the show vehicle.’
      • ‘It was decided that a production version of the GT would go on sale in the summer of 2004.’
      • ‘Your bike this year is quite different from the standard production version; can you tell us what is different?’
      • ‘The architecture will appear in production vehicles within the next four to five years.’
      • ‘The mini Metro was the first volume production car in the world to go to 12,000-mile annual service intervals.’
      • ‘Billed as a concept, it is said to be virtually identical to the production car slated for sale in 2005.’
      • ‘The first production car had just a 10 horsepower engine and only 16 were built.’
      • ‘Not yet available in the U.S., Tyler's bike will look similar to this production version.’
      • ‘He wants to integrate the technology into a production car.’
      • ‘At that stage I was racing a production car, where we were not allowed to alter the mechanical specifications in any way.’
      • ‘Don't assume the Opel Insignia will be the first production vehicle, Wagoner tells Ward's.’
      • ‘A two model, three-door range, this has to be the most amazing production car ever.’
      • ‘There were two significant vehicles displayed in Frankfurt, one a production car and the other a concept.’
      • ‘Generally, really good concept cars serve as models for much milder production vehicles at some point.’
      • ‘The production model Runabout was made to be cheap, so they had no Coaxial Drive.’
      • ‘Upper management approved the leap from the show car to a production model in April of that year.’
      • ‘This new sedan is the first Jaguar production vehicle with an aluminum bodyshell.’
      • ‘Later this year a diesel version, the Mini One D, will be available - the first time a diesel engine has been put into a production Mini.’
  • 2The provision of something for consideration, inspection, or use:

    ‘members are entitled to a discount on production of their membership card’
    • ‘The concession also applies to members of the armed services on production of a warrant card.’
    • ‘Entry is free to York residents on production of a York Card.’
    • ‘The seats are on a first come first served basis, only for members, on production of the membership card.’
    • ‘Compustore says that it can arrange credit within two or three hours on production of identity, proof of address and bank details.’
    • ‘The tickets cost £25 on production of the special letter and a utility bill proving that the resident lives at the address.’
    • ‘Holders of leaflets wishing to attend the race meeting on production of the said leaflet could bring a friend on a free of charge entry to the course.’
    • ‘Officers will be able to ride free on buses on production of their warrant card.’
    • ‘For a limited period, the normal design fee of £30 is waived on production of the voucher on this page.’
    • ‘This discount is in addition to the 50 per cent refund on production of the match ticket from the abandoned game.’
    • ‘Limited student tickets will be available at the venue on the show days only on production of a valid student identity card.’
    • ‘Seating will be on a first come first served basis and on production of identity cards.’
    • ‘The receipt will reach the customer who on production of the same at the theatre complex will be permitted to view the movies.’
    presentation, offering, proffering, showing, display, exhibition
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  • 3The process of or management involved in making a film, play, or record:

    ‘the film was still in production’
    • ‘Foremost this entails shooting on film with a budget comparable with that of modern feature film production.’
    • ‘He was working as a film set production manager on location in Bangkok at the time of his death.’
    • ‘This new project marks Cvejic's return into the creative side of television production.’
    • ‘It's also fascinating to get more insight into how writing and production of television programmes work.’
    • ‘He recently wrapped production on the feature film Lone Star State of Mind.’
    • ‘The whole space is equipped for television and film production, including private spaces for greenrooms and dressing rooms.’
    • ‘During any year there are something like a dozen feature films in production here.’
    • ‘I met practically everybody involved in production because they all had to come to my tiny cubicle to get their films spliced.’
    • ‘By the late 1890s, he had developed a successful commercial film production and processing business.’
    • ‘The film is currently in production by Seattle's Arkham Productions.’
    • ‘Shot on film, production values were high throughout the 23 episodes and all of them were very funny.’
    • ‘It's pretty amazing how vivid his memories are considering how long ago the film was in production.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, Rod is another director for whom a studio is rushing to get a film in production before The Strike.’
    • ‘As far as the studio see it, its worth it, to cancel a film so late in production costs them a lot more than whatever it costs to fix the script.’
    • ‘Three BBC Outside Broadcast production units will be on site, plus two recording units.’
    • ‘The Buckley-type character will only be referred to in the move as ‘The Musician’ and a script is in production.’
    • ‘Despite the magisterial production values, the film lies lifeless as though still on the page.’
    • ‘Pier Productions has a strong track record in radio production in drama, factual and comedy.’
    • ‘What the film lacks in production values it makes up for in heart, sharing with us a tale most film audiences rarely see.’
    • ‘Testing is a key part of the production process before a film emerges fully in the public domain.’
    1. 3.1[count noun] A film, record, play, etc., viewed in terms of its making or staging:
      ‘an exciting new production of La Traviata’
      • ‘I had the pleasure of appearing with and directing him in many productions.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, the Fringe remains a test bed for some interesting and radical productions.’
      • ‘Each production is a magical creation set within its own world of extraordinary music, choreography and gravity defying feats.’
      • ‘As well as numerous stage roles he has also appeared in many film and television productions.’
      • ‘The colours are bright yet muted, as often found in relatively low budget productions.’
      • ‘Their influence can still be seen in independent and arthouse productions to this day.’
      • ‘They will be putting on two productions, one for the juniors, and one for the seniors.’
      • ‘Everyone who has seen the original BBC production expects this film to live up to the hype.’
      • ‘Andy Arnold is artistic director of the Arches and the man behind both forthcoming productions.’
      • ‘The school stages about three productions a year and is making plans for its spring performance.’
      • ‘Monica was asked whether she had considered taking the new production of The Sleeping Beauty to Russia.’
      • ‘The film is the first in a series of Disney productions based on Lewis's Narnia stories.’
      • ‘She championed the classics, with lavish productions of Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.’
      • ‘Theatre companies are staging productions in nightclubs, pubs and sitting rooms.’
      • ‘The huge task of putting this production together falls to director Simon Barry, 49, from London.’
      • ‘The Royal Opera regularly calls on members of Tiffin Boys' Choir to appear in its productions.’
      • ‘They will perform two of the most spectacular of their productions, Swan Lake and La Bayadere.’
      • ‘Osmond Tearle staged a fashionably spectacular production at Stratford in 1889, with himself playing Talbot.’
      • ‘There are some amusing characters and catchy songs and we're using the original set drawings for our production.’
      • ‘Not every element in Eda Holmes's production is as carefully considered as the writing.’
      • ‘La Juive was one of the most spectacular productions ever to grace the Paris Opera.’
      performance, staging, mounting
      play, drama, film, concert, musical
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    2. 3.2[in singular] The overall sound of a musical recording, as determined by the way in which it is produced:
      ‘the record's production is gloriously relaxed’
      • ‘However, I think the album production hurts the overall effect of this otherwise fine work.’
      • ‘The attendees then critiqued a few songs based on the quality of the overall production.’
      • ‘The problem with Jeff is that the production sounds like it was intended for sports highlight reels and video games.’
      • ‘The whole album sounds great, in fact, the production is ringing with clarity, but not overdone or slick.’
      • ‘The production sounds great and the music is very interesting, with shifting rhythms and moods.’
      • ‘The production sounds a little soupy here, but I think it really adds to the song if you can understand that.’
      • ‘While the performances on Grateful Dreams are admirable, the production sounds thin.’
      • ‘The greatest part of the whole disc is the production and mixing which sounds alive, vibrant, and urgent.’
      • ‘The music is equally as good, if not as superb as the sound production.’
      • ‘The songs are light, the production both relaxed and relaxing… the music breathes.’
      • ‘It sounds almost like afrobeat, and the production is ever so crisp.’
      • ‘The band sounds great, the production of the disc is topnotch and the causes for which the proceeds go to are just.’
      • ‘The biggest problem with the overall production, however, is an inconsistency in tone.’
      • ‘It sounds great and the production is as shiny as Goldrapp's lip gloss.’


Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin productio(n-), from producere bring forth (see produce).