Definition of producer in English:



  • 1A person, company, or country that makes, grows, or supplies goods or commodities for sale.

    ‘an oil producer’
    • ‘Tariffs on farm products will continue to be taxed as Japan wants to protect local producers.’
    • ‘To see this, consider a situation where many consumers want widgets and many producers are willing to supply them.’
    • ‘Rocketing sales have persuaded these producers to expand production capacity at speeds they deem desirable.’
    • ‘The result was that producers kept supplies even tighter than was needed to prevent rebuilding of stocks.’
    • ‘U.S. beef producers have grown understandably agitated at the inaction in Tokyo.’
    • ‘What may hurt the interests of the producer of a definite commodity is his failure to anticipate correctly the state of the market.’
    • ‘So financial firms are emerging as significant producers of the nation's electricity.’
    • ‘When Iraq suspended oil supplies, other oil producers rushed to increase production.’
    • ‘The result is that local producers in developing countries are driven out of business, with a catastrophic loss of jobs and income for the poor.’
    • ‘Not only foreign producers are hurt by protectionism, but even more so are American consumers.’
    • ‘Many products offered on our markets are much too cheap to assure a decent living to producers in Developing countries.’
    • ‘The price of copper traditionally was priced on a producer price basis - a price set by the copper producer.’
    • ‘Retailers charged that most large producers sell their products to the outside market.’
    • ‘It liaises with the power producers to balance available supply with current demand on a continuous basis.’
    • ‘He said this had led to fake labelling of Zambian products by producers for fear of losing the market.’
    • ‘The capitalists advance money to the producers, who then use it for buying means of production and for paying wages.’
    • ‘On foreign markets it has to compete with other producers producing better commodities at lower cost.’
    • ‘The best approach would be to contact the producer who supplied the floor for guidance.’
    • ‘Competition is a rivalrous process in which businesses struggle to be the best producers of goods and services.’
    • ‘This still leaves room for producers supplying specific goods to niche markets.’
    manufacturer, maker, builder, fabricator, creator
    grower, farmer
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    1. 1.1A person or thing that makes or causes something.
      ‘the mould is the producer of the toxin aflatoxin’
      • ‘They are important secondary producers and food sources for a variety of marine predators.’
      • ‘Mast cells are also major producers of proteases.’
      • ‘We are the second largest producers of municipal waste in the world, behind the US.’
      • ‘However, these acid producers can also cause considerable damage to underground concrete pipes and other structures.’
      • ‘The protocol brings together states who are the biggest greenhouse gas producers, and the states with access to cutting edge technology.’
  • 2A person responsible for the financial and managerial aspects of the making of a film or broadcast or for staging a play, opera, etc.

    ‘a film producer’
    ‘he's the executive producer of weekday daytime shows’
    • ‘Bedazzled is a remake, always popular when producers are low on original ideas.’
    • ‘Jews played a major part in theater and in the film industry as producers, directors and actors.’
    • ‘J. K. Rowling is one of the executive producers on the film and she controlled all the recreations.’
    • ‘I have this feeling that the producers of this film went through a pretty long list before they got to Hauer.’
    • ‘Deemed too expensive by the films' producers, the shot had to happen once, or not at all.’
    • ‘Initially, the producers were sceptical about casting two English women in the roles, but Holofcener insisted.’
    • ‘The Internet is an easy way for agents and producers to find young stars.’
    • ‘Whatever his failings as a film director, there is little doubt that Dean was a film producer of considerable talent and drive.’
    • ‘The producers of this show need to reconsider their initial choices and go with someone else.’
    • ‘John Conroy is a TV producer and journalist based in Rio de Janeiro.’
    • ‘Then, in 1982, the film producer David Puttnam gave me a script to read.’
    • ‘Cash will be available to film producers to help them turn new scripts and ideas into big screen entertainment.’
    • ‘Myself, Marlon and the producer of the film, we were all sentenced to three months in prison - suspended, thank God!’
    • ‘It provides facilities to both independent film producers and major broadcasters.’
    • ‘How can a film producer or a Hollywood actress ever expect to get inside the mind of a writer?’
    • ‘The ethics and interests of film producers and film archivists are sometimes in opposition.’
    • ‘Mr. White, the producer on that occasion, was also the recipient of an award for his production.’
    • ‘I'm more like a film producer, a filmmaker, and I think that's how they look at me there.’
    • ‘Probably, producers thought that my being so open and acceptable to any good role that came my way was okay with them.’
    • ‘The cable news hosts and producers apparently based their concept around this survey.’
    impresario, manager, administrator, promoter, regisseur
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    1. 2.1A person who supervises the making of a musical recording.
      ‘a record producer’
      • ‘Lynn herself compares White to her original producer Owen Bradley and she's not far wrong.’
      • ‘An obvious example of this would be engaging a producer for a recording session.’
      • ‘Some don't even choose the music, most radio DJ's have producers who choose the music according to the play list.’
      • ‘The record producers argued vigorously that the compulsory license system must be retained.’
      • ‘He has a specially constructed recording studio in his back yard and works these days as a record producer and a musician.’
      • ‘According to him, the credit for the music played is owed to Yassen Petrov, the musical producer of the radio.’
      • ‘London is the first of 10 stops on its quest to help modern producers and musical innovators gain some exposure.’
      • ‘You utilized 3 producers on the new record; did you prefer working with any one of them over the other?’
      • ‘Not only is he a talented singer/songwriter but also a producer, arranger and record label owner.’
      • ‘Besides, she would never make another album without a producer, record label and time limit.’
      • ‘There he studied classical violin and became the producer for the original Fugees group.’
      • ‘We had no idea who they were, but our producer booked them to record a session anyway, and we were off.’
      • ‘They also met some of the top record producers and promoters in the music world.’
      • ‘Litmus will now spend a day in a recording studio with a producer and their future looks very bright.’
      • ‘The song was demoed and we began to pitch it to producers and record companies.’
      • ‘Brian Epstein, their manager, organised an audition with George Martin, the record producer.’
      • ‘I met them when I was looking for producers for my second album.’
      • ‘How was it working with one of the great record producers of recent times?’
      • ‘It's not a producer's record, it's made in the old-fashioned way.’
      • ‘Such a large percentage of DJs and producers are based there, you'd think there was something in the water.’