Definition of procurer in English:



  • 1A person who obtains a prostitute for another person.

    • ‘The man was an Arab of upper class, he was a procurer of women for Middle Eastern men of high rank, and he claimed that he had brought women in for the Middle Eastern embassies in Washington.’
    • ‘Women indicated that preparation, preference, availability, and cost were barriers; these factors did not appear to be major barriers for men, and likely reflect women's continued role as the main procurers of food for families.’
    • ‘The bill did include more rigorous punishment for procurers and for the clients of under-age prostitutes, and a reduction in penalties for adult prostitutes.’
    • ‘One girl indentured in the early 1980s reported that her mother was tricked by Han procurers who had promised a waitressing job.’
    • ‘He acted as chauffeur and procurer of prostitutes and was more like a paid private assistant.’
    • ‘Many procurers will woo and even marry a young girl to win her trust.’
    • ‘Another procurer is awaiting trial in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu accused of selling 200 women.’
    • ‘A British man was arrested for filming and performing sexual acts with young boys and a Thai part-time fortuneteller has been charged with acting as a procurer.’
    • ‘Some of those disability providers have ended up in a very invidious and ambiguous situation of acting, basically, as a procurer to obtain sex for their clients.’
    • ‘These foreign women have voiced complaints that they receive only about one-third of the above proceeds, with the remainder going to the procurers or for ‘protection.’’
    • ‘Howard was effectively acting as a procurer, as a pimp.’
    • ‘There are at least three reports each year of procurers kidnapping maids off the street and forcing them into prostitution.’
    • ‘The procurer of the minor has also been prosecuted under the law, receiving a five year sentence and a fine of 20,000 yuan.’
    • ‘Have you ever unlawfully distributed or sold controlled substances, or been a prostitute or procurer for prostitutes?’
    • ‘A restaurant manager gave him a job frying chicken but that manager turned out to be a procurer of talent for the sex business.’
    • ‘On our premises, without exception, they are condemned to remain exploited with the hands of the procurers.’
    • ‘Nor were women the only targets of these deportations: men believed to be involved as procurers or associates of prostitutes were also excluded.’
    • ‘I think it's probably one of those vicious circles - as long as it is considered ‘shameful’ to be a sex trade worker, it will be considered shameful to be a procurer, and vice versa.’
    • ‘When officers investigated they discovered that she was working at a bar in South Pattaya and acting as a procurer for the sexual services of her eight-year-old daughter.’
    • ‘The depths of poverty make the area easy pickings for brothel agents, or Aunties, as the procurers of young girls are known locally.’
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  • 2Law
    A person who causes someone to do something or something to happen.

    • ‘Most were offered jobs in the city or tricked into bogus marriages by procurers promising them a new life in India.’
    • ‘The suggestion in the counselor's reference is that it must be the procurer's purpose to produce the actus reus.’
    • ‘Whether an accomplice is described as an aider, abettor, counsellor, or procurer seems to depend partly on ordinary language, and partly on specific judicial decisions.’
    • ‘A quarter of child deaths could be prevented by immunisations, according to the head of a multi-billion-dollar vaccine procurer.’
    • ‘The procurer must be able to be shown to have acted with knowledge of the contract, and with the intention to interfere with the claimant's contractual rights.’


Late Middle English (denoting a steward): from Anglo-Norman French procurour, from Latin procurator (see procurator). Sense 1 dates from the mid 17th century.