Definition of procedure in English:



  • 1An established or official way of doing something.

    ‘the police are now reviewing procedures’
    mass noun ‘parliamentary procedure’
    • ‘Manchester Air Traffic Control were already in the process of carrying out a review of their runway procedures.’
    • ‘It also forces a lot of tight fisted bosses to splash out on suitable safety equipment and review their safety procedures for fear of being sued.’
    • ‘He said the county had established a procedure and method of dealing with such incidents.’
    • ‘Nor can it be said that allowing him to apply in-country would encourage others to exploit the established procedures.’
    • ‘Top Government officials said all procedures for adopting the budget had been followed properly.’
    • ‘He suggested the town clerk inform them of the official procedures to be put in train.’
    • ‘The official procedures, it seems, often work against our better interests.’
    • ‘He said also as a result of what had happened Trust House has reviewed its policies and procedures.’
    • ‘It has caused us to review some of our procedures and processes in the Navy.’
    • ‘As the report went on, listing all the official procedures, the four men just sat in silence.’
    • ‘He would like Scotland's Parliament to establish separate procedures for the Scottish legal system.’
    • ‘The official procedure for dealing with issues through the venue manager was largely bypassed.’
    • ‘The emergency services now have well established plans and procedures in place to deal with a wide range of festive events.’
    • ‘Official procedures are necessary to safeguard against miscarriages of justice, of course.’
    • ‘The FBI is promising a prompt and robust review of its security procedures.’
    • ‘Parliamentary procedures are being hastily drafted to give it some effect.’
    • ‘Regulators argue that new methods must undergo rigorous validation procedures before they gain official acceptance.’
    • ‘It said hospitals, primary care organisations and local health boards should immediately review procedures.’
    • ‘Parliament has reviewed its procedures from elections throughout the ages.’
    • ‘Failure to observe established safety procedures was the reason Noev gave for the incident on Sunday.’
    course of action, line of action, plan of action, policy, series of steps, plan, method, system, strategy, stratagem, way, approach, formula, mechanism, methodology, mo, mo modus operandi, sop, sop standard operating procedure, technique, means, measure, process, proceeding, operation, agenda
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    1. 1.1 A series of actions conducted in a certain order or manner.
      ‘the standard procedure for informing new employees about conditions of work’
      • ‘Floors were reportedly awash with engine oil, and standard safety procedures were said to have been ignored.’
      • ‘So you do not get a reference for a delay; you are generating and originating your own procedures by constant review from a time point?’
      • ‘If this is your idea of customer service then you seriously need to review your procedures.’
      • ‘The idea is to standardize procedures in order to avoid confusion and eliminate the many gray areas encountered in the past.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, no procedures exist to conduct habitual training with these units.’
      • ‘In this manner we ensure our procedures are both acceptable and effective.’
      • ‘People who do well in the test are often also those who do well in exams - they're good at following a simple series of procedures.’
      • ‘And as the night progresses, I am introduced to doormen's standard procedures.’
      • ‘However, some of the failures were in breach of existing orders and procedures and many had been identified on earlier occasions.’
      • ‘The processes are automated procedures employed to conduct the activities of business.’
      • ‘Properly conducted, these procedures would have ensured that wells could not vent to atmosphere.’
      • ‘It cannot take advantage of defects in internal procedures in order to defeat the making of a contract.’
      • ‘Large state-owned organizations have been noted for having slow and complicated ordering procedures.’
      • ‘They also must be versed in proper procedures for placing food orders with the kitchen.’
      • ‘We have no standards or clear procedures about how things are done.’
      • ‘And so, we do communicate with the vessel and we follow a set series of procedures.’
      • ‘A series of grievance procedures and disciplinary hearings have made an already tense situation worse.’
      • ‘At what point does the application of such procedures destroy the order itself?’
      • ‘A series of procedures that will cumulatively have such an effect is also covered.’
      • ‘The institute has since reviewed and updated examination procedures and tightened security.’
      method, course of action, process, technique, system
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    2. 1.2 A surgical operation.
      ‘the procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic’
      • ‘Should we change our practice and stop performing surgical hand scrubs before procedures?’
      • ‘The challenge then would be to find a procedure suitable for each surgical specialty.’
      • ‘Refractive eye surgery is a surgical procedure to change the way your eye refracts light.’
      • ‘Liposuction ranks number two on the list of most popular cosmetic surgical procedures.’
      • ‘More complex surgical procedures should be carried out in hospital with full cardiac monitoring.’
      • ‘Prisoners who could not refuse participation were subjected to surgical procedures.’
      • ‘In 1998, there were a total of 3.4 million such procedures conducted on animals.’
      • ‘The entire surgical procedure was carried out under xylocane and light ether anaesthesia.’
      • ‘This will ensure that you have a surgeon who has been trained in total body plastic surgical procedures.’
      • ‘Antibiotic prophylaxis before surgical procedures is not a new idea, but applying the drugs to the nose is more novel.’
      • ‘It is a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia and the use of an operating room.’
      • ‘You may also choose one of the medications and surgical procedures that are available to treat hair loss.’
      • ‘All patients provided permission and informed consent for the procedures conducted.’
      • ‘Because it is part of a clinical trial, the only cost for the procedure is operating rooms costs.’
      • ‘Excision of hemorrhoids ranks among the most commonly performed surgical procedures.’
      • ‘Mr Marshall, who suffered a heart attack six years ago, needed the procedure after a series of angina attacks.’
      • ‘It may lean the surgeon toward the selection of safer and smaller procedures to reduce surgical risk.’
      • ‘Tracheostomy is one of the most frequent surgical procedures carried out in critically ill patients.’
      • ‘Laparoscopic splenectomy is the procedure of choice for removing a normal sized spleen.’
      • ‘I'm beginning to suspect I was abducted by aliens on Monday night and subjected to a series of invasive medical procedures.’
    3. 1.3Computing
      another term for subroutine
      • ‘The choice is between manual procedures or a simple software solution.’
      • ‘What about stored procedures, triggers and views created on the relational database?’
      • ‘In addition, input and output values of protected software procedures are monitored.’
      • ‘Some of the procedures or demonstration data can be permanently saved in the database.’
      • ‘It is evident that e-mail viruses have had the most profound effect on data backup procedures.’


Late 16th century: from French procédure, from procéder (see proceed).