Definition of procedural in English:



  • 1Relating to an established or official way of doing something.

    ‘the developers had complied with all the relevant procedural requirements’
    ‘there had been several procedural errors in dealing with the call’
    • ‘The point I am seeking to make, your Honours, is that this is a provision which is procedural in nature.’
    • ‘But the case was decided on purely procedural grounds.’
    • ‘There were ample procedural safeguards: an informal inquiry coupled with the availability of judicial review.’
    • ‘There is nothing in the procedural rules or the practice of the courts which prevents this.’
    • ‘The objections to the process are not just procedural.’
    • ‘This morning the bill cleared the second of three procedural hurdles.’
    • ‘The Department has also been charged with a variety of procedural irregularities.’
    • ‘She was originally convicted of murder, but had the verdict overturned at appeal because of procedural flaws.’
    • ‘What procedural guarantees are there that the wars it fights will be just?’
    • ‘Warfare is highly procedural, with methodical approaches to the conduct of military operations.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting a television series, film, or novel characterized by detailed, realistic treatment of professional procedures, especially police procedures.
      ‘a procedural drama set in a Rome police station’
      • ‘This procedural episode has the team running into countless dead ends, faulty witnesses, and a little bit of luck during their manhunt.’
      • ‘'Ironside' attracts older viewers because it's a reboot and because it's a procedural crime drama’
      • ‘Fox's long-running procedural drama rose in the ratings for the second time last night.’
      • ‘Dragnet was perhaps the most famous and influential police procedural drama in American media history.’
      • ‘Miller has shown a knack for turning real-life events into prestige procedural dramas.’
      • ‘As Lee and his girlfriend work on the exec, the police begin closing in on him, adding a cop procedural element to the serial killer/comedy/romance stew.’
      • ‘This is an above-average set of procedural crime solving, and fans of true crime will almost certainly enjoy these episodes.’
      • ‘Bosch books get called hard-boiled, noir and procedural.’
      • ‘That is different from a procedural movie where the story is in the foreground and the characters in the backseat.’
      • ‘On Oct. 6, 2000, CBS debuted a new procedural crime drama which would go on to inspire multiple spinoffs over the ensuing years.’


  • A television series, film, or novel characterized by detailed, realistic treatment of professional procedures, especially police procedures.

    ‘the procedural about police officers going undercover will debut later this month’
    ‘he dons a stethoscope as a brilliant doctor in this gem of a medical procedural’
    • ‘The legal procedural is such a worn-out television fixture, it's amazing that they keep being cranked out.’
    • ‘All the attention was on high-end drama, with very few sitcoms, procedurals or soaps to be found.’
    • ‘The film may not be as elegant as the previous financial procedurals, and Costa-Gavras' brief forays into cinematic trickery threaten our suspension of disbelief.’
    • ‘Courtroom procedurals this nimble don't come along often, but with Anatomy of a Murder, Preminger showed how it could be done.’
    • ‘She's apparently stepping in full time this coming season, and I fear that this great procedural will transform into a soap.’
    • ‘At its heart, The Rockville Slayer is a crime procedural, and the body count is actually pretty minimal.’
    • ‘Most TV drama consists of long-running series in a few dependable genres such as police and medical procedurals.’
    • ‘Unlike today's top-rated procedurals, the program never relied on gross-out gore to hold the viewer's attention.’
    • ‘On its own, this sequel is simply a cat-and-mouse procedural, dotted with the occasional smackdown and pyrotechnics display.’
    • ‘It's another bravura performance by the master of the police procedural.’