Definition of procaine in English:



mass noun
  • A synthetic compound derived from benzoic acid, used as a local anaesthetic, especially in dentistry.

    • ‘The onset of anesthesia with lidocaine is more rapid and the duration of action is longer than with procaine hydrochloride.’
    • ‘The second criterion was the occurrence of an IMS detection of procaine (an adulterant used to ‘cut’ cocaine).’
    • ‘In the White House, Kennedy received ‘seven to eight injections of procaine in his back in the same sitting’ before news conferences and other events, Dr. Kelman said.’
    • ‘Injectable local anaesthetics such as lidocaine and procaine (but not cocaine) are allowed only when medically justified, and only if injected into a joint or other affected area, not intravenously.’
    • ‘In comparative studies, dry needling was found to be as effective as injecting an anesthetic solution such as procaine or lidocaine (Xylocaine).’
    • ‘Intramuscular administration is possible but causes extreme pain if CaNa2EDTA is not mixed with procaine.’
    • ‘Ongoing staff education activities should include the topic of proper procaine and benzathine administration.’
    • ‘With 1 percent procaine and a fine sharp 25-gauge needle, raise skin wheals in the donor site - one for each graft and cut out a pinch of skin.’
    • ‘Since benzonatate is chemically related to anesthetic agents of the para-amino benzoic acid class, the drug should not be used in patients allergic to ester type agents (e.g., benzocaine, procaine, tetracaine).’
    • ‘The local anesthetics procaine and tetracaine are known inhibitors of excitation-contraction coupling in frog skeletal muscle.’
    • ‘Dr. Persons says that chloroprocaine or procaine (Procaine, Novocain) should be safe in patients with true ‘amide’ allergy because they are esters.’
    • ‘That the White House physician, Dr. Janet Travell, gave him injections of procaine for his pain is old news.’
    • ‘An injectable solution of 1 percent lidocaine or 1 percent procaine is usually used.’
    • ‘It is not surprising because of the stimulant properties that procaine is utilized as counterfeit stimulant in street-drug products although only having 10% of the potency of cocaine.’
    • ‘History of an allergy to an ester anesthetic such as procaine is not a contraindication to the use of lidocaine, because they are chemically different, and cross-reaction is rare.’
    • ‘Between the 21st July 1995 and the 31st November 1995 all the tablets purchased by the undercover police officers contain ephedrine procaine and ketamine, EPK.’
    • ‘Normal saline solution is used as a placebo and 5% procaine hydrochloride is used as a pharmacologic spinal nerve block.’
    • ‘If the therapeutic effects are satisfactory, at the local tender point, Radices Codonopsis Compositae or procaine solution can be injected, and epidural block therapy at sacral region can be applied.’


Early 20th century: from pro- (denoting substitution) + -caine (from cocaine).