Definition of problematize in English:


(British problematise)


[with object]
  • Make into or regard as a problem requiring a solution.

    ‘he problematized the concept of history’
    • ‘So again, the maxim of relation is broken, he's not answering Faulkner's question, which is quite explicit, but rather again, problematizing the number of people involved, and therefore avoiding answering the question.’
    • ‘Firstly, that outsider groups can, and do, problematise their own history and reconstruct it to solve present day tensions.’
    • ‘Miller's history unfortunately perpetuates rather than problematizes such narratives.’
    • ‘My desire here however is to problematize the presumption that design is an institution, or rather, to question the effectiveness of this assumption when considering the relevance of design to a wider public.’
    • ‘In an increasingly globalising world, the concept of diaspora problematises the question of identity.’
    • ‘At a time when the photography of sculpture in general is being problematized and historicized, it behooves the field to think analytically about the implications of various photographic strategies in its publications.’
    • ‘This area has been problematized by a long historical debate over secularism and the complicated derivation of civil laws from various codification systems.’
    • ‘Yet choice, as it is discussed today, is a symptom of a larger, societal problem; shouldn't we focus on that, rather than problematising the idea of choice itself?’
    • ‘Woolf spends 250 pages problematizing all aspects of women's participation in pacifist protest.’
    • ‘The very idea of ‘art,’ too, can be problematized in an exhibition of this kind by the use of video.’
    • ‘However, Duncan's desire to simultaneously get her feet dirty and to signify them as moral and virtuous problematizes the cultural codification of bare feet.’
    • ‘I think he's right about that - but the interesting thing is that he seems quite content to take this, the creators' stated intent, at face value, never bothering to question the wisdom of their undertaking, or to problematize their terms.’
    • ‘Representation is problematized by exposing its rhetoric as well as its more opaque meaning.’
    • ‘And while some of the essays do problematize the very notion of an ‘Asian American’ cinema, the overall point of view of this volume never explicitly does.’
    • ‘Several of the works in the exhibition problematized such notions of originality and authenticity, and spoke back to them.’
    • ‘Also, as the series progresses, the protagonists' use of violence is problematised.’
    • ‘Not only do these works ask us to question our contemporary relationship to our landscape, but they also problematize our position.’
    • ‘Yet even in these reconstructive narratives, each solution is heavily problematized, placed under scrutiny and found wanting.’
    • ‘As those who attended the meeting heard, there are several issues of circumstance that problematize this motion.’
    • ‘Another conceptual problem in Dixons's work arises with the manner in which he ascribes agency to the cinema without problematizing this move.’