Definition of problem child in English:

problem child


  • A child whose behaviour causes difficulties to themselves and others.

    ‘a home for problem children’
    • ‘When I was at school I was classed as a problem child.’
    • ‘It is fast becoming the problem child of the UK telecoms market.’
    • ‘If you went to private school before, say, 1980, it was probably because you were something of a problem child, or a kid with special needs.’
    • ‘These should pave the way for the exit of its problem child just as the European economy gains momentum.’
    • ‘It is not uncommon of mothers to try and protect their children, however much of a problem child they are.’
    • ‘Its gas turbines business, once considered the problem child, is also believed to have continued its turnaround.’
    • ‘Before I came into the program, you might have called me a problem child, but most likely you would call me a terror of the house.’
    • ‘The school says it does not have sufficient grounds to permanently exclude the problem child and has only been able to issue a ‘stern warning’ against him.’
    • ‘Yes I know, the synthesiser has always been a problem child.’
    • ‘The report on the girl said she was a problem child, and had ran away from home three times.’
    • ‘He agreed he had been something of a problem child and had difficulties reading and writing.’
    • ‘In a social program where, say, the presenting complaint is the behavior of a problem child and the parents are the clients, the reinforcing events are the child's changed behaviors at home.’
    • ‘Add to this the well known tendency to pay more attention to a problem child, precisely because he is a problem child, and you can easily understand why children who do not cause problems often bitterly resent the ones who do.’
    • ‘I was always a problem child, always the class clown, always seeking attention from others.’
    • ‘Nelson, who stubbornly resisted conforming, was a problem child.’
    • ‘But analysts believe Lloyds will be coming under shareholder pressure to sort out the difficulties with its problem child.’
    • ‘Just because a child is a problem child in school doesn't mean he'll be a misfit when he grows up.’
    • ‘A children's mental health charity has criticised a headmaster's decision to place a problem child in classes with pupils half his age.’
    • ‘Already, at grade one, he had been identified by the teachers as a problem child because of his atypical behaviors.’
    • ‘A bit of a problem child, I was shipped off to Missouri Military Academy in the middle of my sophomore year of high school.’