Definition of probative in English:



  • Having the quality or function of proving or demonstrating something; affording proof or evidence.

    ‘it places the probative burden on the defendant’
    • ‘It is evidence directly probative of the fact that they were accomplices.’
    • ‘This concern does not arise in a trial by judge alone such that the probative value of the evidence is outweighed by its prejudicial effect.’
    • ‘The judge must determine the probative value of the evidence by assessing its tendency to prove a fact in issue in the case including the credibility of witness.’
    • ‘All of this proceeds on the basis that hearsay evidence is probative and, therefore, relevant.’
    • ‘Such evidence can have sufficient probative force to make it just to admit it even though, taken by itself, it would not be sufficient to prove guilt.’


Late Middle English (describing something that serves as a test): from Latin probativus, from probat- ‘proved’, from the verb probare (see prove).