Definition of proactively in English:



  • By taking action to control a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.

    ‘the police will be working proactively to help reduce the problem’
    ‘astute firms don't just listen, but proactively engage customers too’
    • ‘We will be proactively seeking professional organisations.’
    • ‘What facilities are currently provided to proactively minimize the failure of software systems and to manage them when they do fail?’
    • ‘The threat to the storage system must also be blocked proactively in order to limit its impact on the storage device.’
    • ‘We want our industry to work proactively with other interest groups and government.’
    • ‘The business will be able to proactively respond to customers' interests and desires.’
    • ‘Customer service is about proactively calling people.’
    • ‘We are aware of the potential issue identified and are working proactively to investigate it.’
    • ‘Proactively interact with the student body to better target services where they are needed.’
    • ‘They should act proactively to adapt to new situations.’
    • ‘The human resource systems should work proactively to eliminate barriers and increase opportunity.’