Definition of proactive interference in English:

proactive interference

(also proactive inhibition)


mass nounPsychology
  • The tendency of previously learned material to hinder subsequent learning.

    • ‘This advantage allows participants who have been directed to forget the words from the first list to experience diminished proactive interference from those words while they retrieve words from the second list.’
    • ‘Recall and intrusion data suggested that older adults are more vulnerable to proactive interference than younger adults and that for older adults at least, interference effects are heightened at nonoptimal times of day.’
    • ‘According to Intergraph, SmartPlant 3D is the only plant design software to provide concurrent, proactive interference detection.’
    • ‘We believe this poor recall of job-relevant information is a result of proactive interference from the forbidden information on the first page of the application.’
    • ‘To avoid proactive interference with the critical list, the words in the practice lists were unrelated to the words in the critical list.’