Definition of pro forma in English:

pro forma


  • 1Done or produced as a matter of form.

    ‘pro forma reports’
    1. 1.1 Denoting a standard document or form, especially an invoice sent in advance of or with goods supplied.
      ‘a pro forma invoice’
      official, legal, authorized, approved, validated, certified, endorsed, documented, sanctioned, licensed, recognized, authoritative, accepted, verified, legitimate, lawful, valid, bona fide, proper, prescribed
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    2. 1.2 (of a financial statement) showing potential or expected income, costs, assets, or liabilities, especially in relation to some planned act or situation.
      ‘revenues in excess of 35 million dollars on a pro forma basis’


  • As a matter of form or politeness.

    ‘he nodded to him pro forma’


  • A pro forma document or form.

    ‘please return the enclosed pro forma’
    • ‘The Tribunal had before it no evidence as to the way in which those pro formas were completed.’
    • ‘The commission and city should review all feasibility studies and pro formas (such as balance sheets and income statements) to ensure the viability of the project requesting city funds.’
    • ‘We shall complete the pro formas in the course of the day and they will be available to the parties before the end of the week.’
    • ‘The SEC is examining whether new rules are needed to clarify financial reports and perhaps restrict use of pro formas.’


Early 16th century: from Latin.


pro forma

/prəʊ ˈfɔːmə/