adverb & preposition

  • In favour of.

    as preposition ‘they were pro the virtues of individualism’
    • ‘We had 46 guests during that period of time who were pro open borders, pro illegal immigration.’
    • ‘And mind you I am not pro-Muslims or pro any community, I am just pro-human beings.’
    • ‘All in all, the findings of this paper suggest that pro growth policies, regardless of their impact on inequality, are likely to be pro poor in the long run.’
    • ‘Prior to Japananese colonization, SK was split between pro-Chinese & pro Japanese factions.’
    • ‘Myself, I am anti-death penalty and pro euthanasia - at least some sorts of euthanasia.’
    • ‘If you give her the form, she'll check off anti-war, pro-gun control and pro gay rights etc.’
    • ‘We are very pro people telling the truth, confessing, and being absolved of their sins - to take a slightly United Future view of the world.’
    • ‘I'm very pro adult literacy and she is actually getting people to read books again.’
    • ‘‘If a village was not pro Viet Cong before we came, it sure was after we left,’ one GI observed.’
    • ‘It is very rare to have productive dialogue with a pro union guy.’
    • ‘Another point the pro capital punishment followers have the temerity to argue is that the threat of execution is more of a deterrent than life imprisonment.’
    • ‘It is pro-Porto Alegre, pro-people, pro a world where poor children don't die from preventable diseases.’
    • ‘Well, I'm actually more pro vegetarian than not, but I thought this was quite funny.’
    • ‘Rock finishes with a shout out to the troops, following the now standard Hollywood liberal stance, anti-war but pro our brave boys.’
    • ‘I'm as pro business, pro free enterprise as anybody in the country.’
    • ‘The truth is, they're not pro anybody, other than themselves.’
    • ‘We are not in the business of being anti or pro anybody.’
    on the side of, pro, for, all for, giving support to, giving backing to, right behind, encouraging of, approving of, sympathetic to
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