Definition of pro-choicer in English:



  • See pro-choice

    • ‘The pro-choicers ask, ‘Do you believe it is necessary that abortion remain safe and legal for the health and freedom of women?’’
    • ‘But pro-choicers have a built-in constituency too: the millions and millions of women who have had abortions.’
    • ‘It isn't like the NRA is going to give money to a gun-control candidate, and thereby change his or her mind, nor is the National Right to Life Council likely to sway a pro-choicer.’
    • ‘‘For years, we have been in opposition to these protesters,’ Audrey says, noting that she and other pro-choicers often turned up to counter-demonstrate, which has sometimes led to police intervention.’
    • ‘The language is not particularly inflammatory, but the substance of the decision is one that pro-lifers will like and pro-choicers will fear a great deal.’