Definition of pro-am in English:



  • (of a sports event) involving both professionals and amateurs.

    ‘a pro-am golf tournament’
    • ‘And the whole idea of bringing the pro-am golf tournament to Rancho Santa Fe was to promote the racetrack.’
    • ‘It was confirmed yesterday that a new pro-am tournament, still under Dunhill's patronage, will replace the Cup next October.’
    • ‘It was the fifth time in six years that the destination of the Lombard Trophy, Europe's biggest pro-am tournament, was settled by a sudden-death play-off at the San Lorenzo course on Portugal's Algarve.’
    • ‘George has been a member of Mission Hills for some time, and he regularly plays in the pro-am tournament held the same week in March as the LPGA event now known as the Nabisco Championship.’
    • ‘It was at the Hong Kong Open, during the customary pro-am dinner, when the organisers encouraged me and four other golfers to start dancing on stage with two carnival girls.’
    • ‘Saturday will offer fans a chance to bowl with the pros in pro-am events at the host center, as well as satellite centers in the area.’
    • ‘Both White and Higgins were playing in a pro-am tournament in Kilkenny, in Ireland, at the end of last week and they met in the second round, White winning 3-2.’
    • ‘In 1990, Jamie kicked the pro-am craze into full gear by co-producing ‘Dirty Debutantes’ with Ed Powers.’
    • ‘The Greater San Diego Open drew more than 400 amateur bowlers for the pro-am competition, a tribute to DeLuca and the PWBA.’
    • ‘The fifth JJGF Open Golf Championship will kick off on May 10 with the pro-am tournament proceeding it one day earlier at the Jagorawi Golf and Country Club in Bogor.’
    • ‘I loved the pros' stories about their pro-am experiences with their amateur partners.’
    • ‘In May 1990, he and some buddies were at a pro-am party in Maine.’
    • ‘The duo cruised to victory in the Lombard Trophy - Europe's biggest pro-am tournament - at the fêted San Lorenzo course.’
    • ‘At the end of an intensive training period, they will take part in a pro-am match played in front of thousands of spectators, held immediately before the Festival Cup in Perth.’
    • ‘Players and their amateur partners in this pro-am event play a round each at Carnoustie, St Andrews and Kingsbarns over the first three days, with a cut coming ahead of the final round on the Old Course on Sunday.’
    • ‘In a series of pro-am events in the north of England he won six times and was an astonishing 96 under par for the month.’
    • ‘Club professionals and leading amateurs across North Yorkshire will strive to thrive in Europe's biggest pro-am tournament next week.’
    • ‘He was the one who first spotted his young son's snooker potential and took him round the country to play in pro-am tournaments.’
    • ‘The big moneymaker for the house is the pro-am tournament.’
    • ‘Forty-four professionals had not completed their rounds at Kingsbarns, the third layout being used for this pro-am event where 156 pros are each playing with amateurs, many of them celebrities.’


  • A pro-am event.

    ‘I was playing in a pro-am’
    • ‘The fact that clients can play with golfers in pro-ams or corporate outings also enhances the players' value.’
    • ‘Most golfers I play with in pro-ams have trouble with their long irons.’
    • ‘Thankfully, I've played in a few pro-ams, so I've kind of gotten over the fear of missing the ball on the first tee.’
    • ‘His name has always been in the frame but while he has won a string of pro-ams, the last count around the 100 mark, he has found himself wanting when it comes to the big ones.’
    • ‘And since I play in more corporate outings and pro-ams these days, I have witnessed the mood swings and struggles the average player can experience in the course of a round.’
    • ‘Although the emphasis here is on keys that I use, I'll point out common faults I see playing with weekend golfers in pro-ams and outings, and offer antidotes.’
    • ‘My first couple of years on tour I wasn't the biggest fan of pro-ams, and not just because of the five-plus-hour rounds.’
    • ‘Then I would fly home on Friday night having missed the cut and play pro-ams in Scotland on Saturday and Sunday over courses which were no easier.’
    • ‘There is no charge for entry over the four days, which will be preceded by pro-ams today and tomorrow.’
    • ‘People still want to talk about them, in pro-ams mostly, which is all right.’
    • ‘The four finalists in that week's event will not bowl the pro-ams, but will be available to meet fans and sign autographs.’
    • ‘When I'm playing in pro-ams, I notice that my amateur partners often don't take enough club to reach their target, whether it's to clear a creek in the fairway or get to the green.’
    • ‘He has a multitude of tasks this week, from sorting out the professionals for the pro-ams, the green staff, liaising with the sponsors, setting up the course and just being on hand to help and advise.’
    • ‘The only ‘average golfers’ most tour pros see are rich CEO-types in pro-ams.’
    • ‘Our players enjoy the pro-ams and develop friendships with amateurs who come back year after year.’
    • ‘The prestigious title put the Lismore event at the top of the list of over 80 pro-ams held through the course of the year.’
    • ‘Most pro-ams are one-day events, and most are played on Wednesday of tournament week, the day before the real competition begins.’
    • ‘The funniest encounter that I've had in pro-ams was with the King of Malaysia last year.’
    • ‘I've also been asked to play in the two pro-ams which precede the main event.’
    • ‘I have been granted temporary player membership of the PGA, which enables me to play in pro-ams.’