Definition of prize fight in English:

prize fight


  • A boxing match, typically an unlicensed one, fought for prize money.

    • ‘The project culminates in a Battle of the Bands that has all the hoopla of a Rocky prizefight.’
    • ‘The physical toll of a prizefight is often not apparent immediately following the contest.’
    • ‘In ‘The Death of Benny Paret,’ Mailer describes a prizefight he witnessed where one boxer beats another to death in the ring.’
    • ‘The most important prizefight in boxing's history would take place on Boxing's biggest stage - Madison Square Garden.’
    • ‘He grasped his hands together and shook them above his head as if in a title prizefight.’
    • ‘A variant of the Gursky crowd scene, Klitschko depicts the scene of a prizefight in Germany.’
    • ‘With the fight less than a week away, as many as half the seats remain unsold, but when the television money comes in, it could still end up being the richest prizefight ever.’
    • ‘Eric considers this phase of the research as similar to a prizefight.’
    • ‘During one prizefight in Nevada, the World deployed four-foot-tall puppets to illustrate the blows as they were transmitted by telegraph from ringside.’
    • ‘Moreover, he is often part of the broadcast teams at the major prizefights.’
    • ‘Before the eating of chicken wings began around 8 a.m., 29 contestants made grand entrances with their entourages, as if this were a prizefight.’
    • ‘Like hitting the slot machine right and watching coins come spilling out, a major prizefight is similar in that regard.’
    • ‘Last night nearly 5,000 people in Cardiff witnessed a massacre and not a prizefight.’
    • ‘But in Maggie's fatal prizefight the German fighter hits her from behind after the bell has rung, and what happens next is pure accident.’
    • ‘He achieved recognition with the bravura Stag at Sharkey's (1907; Cleveland, Mus. of Art), a vivid representation of an illegal prizefight.’
    • ‘The whole point of a debate - like a prizefight - is for somebody to win, and a pundit who declares a debate a draw is as worthless as the pundit who says ‘no comment’ to a direct question.’
    contest, fixture, match, game, event, trial, test, test match, meeting
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prize fight