Definition of privately in English:



  • 1In a private way, manner, or capacity.

    ‘I must insist we speak privately’
    ‘their children were privately educated’
    • ‘But they have already accepted that schools and hospitals are being privately financed.’
    • ‘You once said privately there were few people in your department you could trust.’
    • ‘She now sends her privately educated son for extra language tuition.’
    • ‘A person who is privately most generous, he remembers those who have shown kindness to him.’
    • ‘That Davis's support is not solid is evident from speaking to some of his backers privately.’
    • ‘Many privately muse that if the government insists on outlawing hunting, then outlaws they are prepared to be.’
    • ‘He was educated privately in the classics and went on to study medicine and forestry.’
    • ‘Logan positioned himself behind Rob so he could speak to him privately.’
    • ‘Many people do not realise they have fewer rights when buying privately.’
    • ‘We've already started to talk privately to a number of people and they're extremely supportive of the idea.’
    • ‘As far as I can see, it's the privately educated sneering at the under-educated.’
    • ‘Many hours passed before the children were able to speak privately again.’
    • ‘His opponents however, insist that he had plenty of chances to do this privately.’
    • ‘It would privately fund research to provide the information it needed to devise a response.’
    • ‘The restaurant is designed in such way that a group of 25 persons can dine privately.’
    • ‘People may speak privately to a nurse or get cancer information which is free of charge.’
    • ‘Whether you decide to trade in your car or sell it privately is a personal choice.’
    • ‘Kate stood at the door and waited for him to pause the game and come speak with her privately.’
    • ‘It used to be thought that only rich and privately educated people sent their children to independent schools.’
    • ‘This change in events requires that I speak with you and your companion privately.’
    in private, with no one else present, behind closed doors, between ourselves, confidentially, in confidence, discreetly, in secret, secretly
    out of the public eye, out of public view, in seclusion, in solitude, alone, without being disturbed, without being interrupted
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    1. 1.1often sentence adverb Used to refer to a situation in which someone's thoughts and feelings are not revealed.
      ‘privately, Robert considered that she was overreacting’
      secretly, inwardly, deep down, personally, unofficially
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