Definition of private secretary in English:

private secretary


  • 1A secretary who deals with the personal and confidential concerns of a business person or public figure.

    • ‘Son Powers, who officially served as the private secretary to his father, signed the vouchers allocating funds for the library.’
    • ‘And that unfortunately continues during her death as well with her own private secretary going public with his memoirs.’
    • ‘A seven-page document written by his private secretary and released to the press this week paints a picture of internal chaos and blame-shifting that does not inspire confidence.’
    • ‘Sarah draws increasingly close to the Master, eventually becoming his private secretary and finally his lover (at least one of them).’
    • ‘He became principal private secretary and worked on the privatisation programme.’
    • ‘But he said he didn't study the agenda or the minutes of the meeting as his private secretary assured him that no matters relevant to his responsibilities were discussed.’
    • ‘An assistant private secretary will be appointed to help with general office duties, administration, correspondence.’
    • ‘It brought it to the attention of his principal private secretary, and effectively meant that he was using his position as home secretary to intervene in the case.’
    • ‘She went to secretarial college rather than university, and then got a job as a private secretary in a magazine publishing company, Newnes, Pearson, where she worked for thirty years.’
    • ‘He carried out far more duties for his uncle than medical ones becoming essentially his private secretary and personal advisor.’
    • ‘Initially, he had access to his advisers, a private secretary, two assistants, a diary secretary and a personal secretary.’
    • ‘The assistant private secretary has volunteered with Night Watch, a charity that helps homeless people in Croydon, south London, for three years, and is now its secretary.’
    • ‘After 1842 he acted as Victoria's informal counsellor, private secretary, and sole confidant.’
    • ‘My mother was a private secretary to the plant manager of a company in Fort Worth, Texas, and Lloyd was their leading salesman.’
    • ‘The matter was dealt with by my private secretary.’
    • ‘Thus he issued an official announcement of my appointment as his private secretary at the same time I graduated from the university.’
    • ‘Last Thursday night he dropped in on his staff's Christmas soirée, on cue to hear his private secretary win the karaoke prize.’
  • 2A civil servant acting as an aide to a senior government official.

    • ‘Acting as the president's private secretary, she enjoys more politics than entertaining.’
    • ‘Yesterday the former MP remained at King Edward VII hospital, central London, said his private secretary, who would not comment on his condition.’
    • ‘Why was there no interrogation of her senior private secretary?’
    • ‘His private secretary's card was used for accommodation, official entertainment and incidental expenses on behalf of the minister.’
    • ‘There are, maybe, little more credible rumors that the Pope may have written a letter, already, and given it to his private secretary outlying what to do, if he should become incapacitated and how there might be a transfer of power.’
    • ‘In addition to being administrator, he trebles up as general power of attorney and the private secretary to the Jagadguru, positions normally held by three people.’
    • ‘The minister, through his private secretary, responded this month pointing out he was unable to meet with them because of previously arranged commitments at home and abroad.’
    • ‘A foreign minister normally works with two secretaries - one senior and one junior - in addition to a private secretary handling political activities involving the minister's constituency.’
    • ‘Currently, he is tasked to be the private secretary - without pay and without position - to the Attorney-General.’
    • ‘When she returned to South Africa in 1902 she was appointed private secretary to the acting Director of Education.’
    • ‘The Queen's private secretary had next September pencilled in for the official opening.’
    • ‘Heath was then private secretary to various financial secretaries at the Treasury up to 1907 when he was appointed Assistant secretary to the Treasury.’
    • ‘Third, the normal flow of official business, mediated through his official private secretaries and the Cabinet Office.’
    • ‘We want to know what involvement her press secretary and her senior private secretary had in discussions with any staff member of the Immigration Service on how they would deal with these inquiries.’
    • ‘Her career in Parliament started as a private secretary to a Conservative Home Office minister and found many MPs unimpressive and decided to do the job herself.’
    • ‘Her task is to confirm, for both the department and the Associate Minister, the skills, knowledge, and competencies required for the private secretary's role.’
    • ‘But it stretches credulity that the Permanent Secretary, his private secretary, the head of the Immigration and Nationality Department and all the civil servants involved in this forgot and were unable to recollect what happened.’
    • ‘The principal private secretary and the PS for immigration both thought they could recall something like this occurring but neither of them has a clear memory.’
    • ‘The Prince of Wales has developed into the world's ‘greatest charitable entrepreneur’, helping to raise more than £100 million last year for a variety of causes, his private secretary said yesterday.’
    • ‘On September 5, he faxed the minister a letter reminding him of his concerns and he received a holding response from his private secretary.’


private secretary