Definition of private school in English:

private school


  • 1British An independent school supported wholly by the payment of fees.

    • ‘So, until we can find a new way, it seems ability to pay will be as applicable to parts of the state school system as it is to private schools.’
    • ‘The access and choice question is essentially a public school and private school dichotomy.’
    • ‘They're not paying good money to send their children to a private school where the teachers are undermining them.’
    • ‘He did not apply himself to academic work but won a sports scholarship to a private school.’
    • ‘Academies are private schools which sponsors are given millions of pounds of public money to run.’
    • ‘The federal government is still defending its payments to wealthy private schools.’
    • ‘Pre-schools and kindergartens are seldom available in public schools but are in private schools.’
    • ‘City academies are a form of privatisation where the school has the status of a private school but receives public money.’
    • ‘She is now doing fantastically, she is in the top sets for everything and is preparing to take the Common Entrance Exam for a number of private schools.’
    • ‘He went to various progressive private schools, including a boarding school in Connecticut where he was taunted and bullied.’
    • ‘Lundanis was a public school, not a private school so he couldn't be as well-off as his image bragged.’
    • ‘The whole point of having independent private schools is that they can provide a variety of educational systems.’
    • ‘The voucher could also be used to cover all or part of the tuition to nonreligious private schools.’
    • ‘Parents can choose to send their kids to private schools, but private schools are costly.’
    • ‘Matthew was a former pupil at the nearby Shrewsbury School, an exclusive private school, where he was a boarder until last summer.’
    • ‘If approved, the unit would be run at Redcar Farm, on land owned by the exclusive private school Ampleforth College.’
    • ‘At the moment private schools are financially independent of government.’
    • ‘Independent private school kids take expensive crammer lessons to help pass these stringent snobby entrance exam tests.’
    • ‘There is this long-held belief that parents who send their children to private schools are privileged, snooty and well-off.’
    • ‘The figures show that although state schools are cheaper, private schools deliver better value for money.’
  • 2North American A school supported by a private organization or private individuals rather than by the state.

    • ‘Roughly one in nine students in the United States is educated in a private school.’
    • ‘Some express the worry that school choice will subject private schools to excessive regulation.’
    • ‘In most states, gay students can be banned altogether from private schools and gay teachers can be fired.’
    • ‘In a handful of states, subsidies for higher education make it difficult for private schools to compete.’
    • ‘If public school students had one thing over their private school counterparts it's about to change.’
    • ‘Are public school teachers any more effective than those in private schools?’
    • ‘My years as an English teacher in a private school would count for nothing.’
    • ‘About a third of Spain's children are educated at private schools, many of them run by the Catholic Church.’
    • ‘The second reason is that private schools have made quite different use of resources than public schools have.’
    • ‘If we observe that the children in the private school learn more, can we conclude that private schools are better?’
    • ‘Moreover, as mentioned above, the quality of teachers in private schools has also declined.’
    • ‘I am a private school headmaster, and this has been a problem for a couple of years now.’
    • ‘An illegitimate child born in 1912 was sent to a Catholic private school for her schooling.’
    • ‘He continued to favor choice among public schools, but he was opposed to choice among private schools.’
    • ‘Most attend public schools, but a few attend private schools, mostly parochial.’
    • ‘Consider the fact that teachers almost universally discount their wages in order to teach in private schools.’
    • ‘In fact, I was even sent to an Episcopalian private school for my middle and upper school years.’
    • ‘Finally, like colleges, private schools increasingly want to recruit a diverse student body.’
    • ‘She said that only the kids who cared about money and status attended private schools in their high school years.’
    • ‘Parents and teachers in private schools also express much more trust in one another.’


private school